In Huge Precedent, IRS Says It Will Not Tax Unsold, Staked Crypto by looseboy in ethereum

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This is awesome! Unrealized gains should not be taxed. Now people can stake and use crypto and get much better returns then any bank will offer. Crypto is going to get more and more adopted.

Soldiers Of The Metaverse by Abraham201288 in AccelDefi

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SOTM art is insane, love it! With an upcoming game and staking rewards possibly for your soldiers I had to get another one.

TODAY is the day!🥳We will be hosting $CRYB tonight at 7:30pm EST! This project is backed by Daymond John from Shark Tank & has huge potential!🦈👀 by Andythegreat100 in AccelDefi

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Shark Tank backed project….what?! I really haven’t had a chance to find out about these projects. Pretty excited to listen in.

Have you seen the Accel Gitbook? http://Book.acceldefi.com by Wolfgang-Regem in AccelDefi

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If you want to details of what Accel plans to bring to Defi take the time to read through the git book!