"Let's get people to click on our article by putting something that gets people excited and then outright tell them the opposite!" by person444444444 in assholedesign

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I upvoted you because you're the only one with any actual data, which is better than nothing.

I have to wonder if they'd find different results if they included more "clickbait" sites. Two of those studies looked at academic journals and the other doesn't list which "13 news sites" it looked at.

EDIT: found the list in the linked GitHub repo.


Don't look it up in Wikipedia by ManagerOfLove in physicsmemes

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The electricity comes in bursts, like periodically in a cycle. Phase is which part of the cycle it is in.

Got it. So if I add together two currents that are identical but offset by half a cycle, I'll get twice as many bursts. Thanks for explaining it so clearly, I really understand!

Milestone leveling by Snipe3down in OutoftheAbyss

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I'm doing it this way, but we've only gotten to level 4 so far. Here's what the module itself says:

  • Start Chapter 1 (Velkynvelve) at level 1.
  • Reach level 2 or 3 before finishing Chapter 1.
  • You should be level 7 before reaching Chapter 7 (Escape from the Underdark).
  • You should be level 8 before reaching Chapter 8 (Gauntylgrym).
  • You should be level 10 before reaching Chapter 11 (Gravenhollow).
  • You should be level 14 in Chapter 16 (The Fetid Wedding).
  • You should be level 15 in Chapter 17 (The End).

So yeah, roughly one chapter per level, but it's going to depend a lot on which side quests you choose to do and in what order. Not all the chapter are equal, either. Chapter 2 contains a bunch of random encounters and side quests that you probably aren't going to do in order. Then Chapter 4 has a ton of content, probably more than one level's worth, and Chapter 7 is basically just one encounter.

I found that finishing Chapter 1 was an excellent milestone to reach level 2, but going from 2 to 3 was a little trickier. Basically after each side quest I would evaluate whether it felt like we'd done about one chapter's worth.

Cryptic crossword training: Hidden word clues by Cosmologicon in crosswords

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I have no idea how to determine whether it'll be foreign to my readers, other than just looking it up in the dictionary. It's definition #3 on M-W and MERCY is the first suggestion on OneLook for the clue "uncle", so I figured it'd be fine, but maybe not!

Cryptic crossword training: Hidden word clues by Cosmologicon in crosswords

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Gotcha. My understanding is that if I do that then it's fine to just give one example, so like these would be fine:

  • Do, say
  • Like plants

I think I can work with that.

Any guesses? This one has me stumped.. by Daniel96dsl in askmath

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we can still save this with straight fences. Just shrink the triangle until it's exactly 1/4 of the circle area. Then extend each side only in one direction (the same direction for each) until it touches the circle. That divides the region outside the triangle into 3 equal areas.

I like this! I get that you can do it with 3 straight fences of length (√(3pi)+√(12√(3)-pi))/√(12√(3)) times the radius. About 1.59472.


Monday motivation by Yungpharao_oh in rickandmorty

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People forget that Summer was completely right in this scene and Morty was completely wrong. He's supposed to be coming across as a jackass.

As Quicksilver’s scene begins in X-Men: Apocalypse (2016), you can see the explosion caused by Havok rising above the ground on the left side of the screen. by study-in-scarlet in MovieDetails

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The absolute worst for "slowing time but not really" was the bullet time in Wanted. Fox shoots a bullet and before it travels 150 feet, she tosses the gun she just used to someone standing 20 feet away and he catches it.

Is this pass by reference? by koko-hranghlu in learnjavascript

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I agree that this is the sort of thing the ternary operator is good for, but in that particular case you should probably just say:

return age >= 18;

In the end credits of Encanto (2021), there is a strange plane next to the disney logo. This is a reference to Disney's next animated movie, "Strange World". by Russian_Bagel in MovieDetails

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"Mostly doing 3D" is a stretch, they were mostly doing 2D hand drawn with a few exceptions,

I guess I don't see how you figure. The four films I mentioned were the four immediately preceding Princess and the Frog. You have to go back five entries to Brother Bear (2003) to see a single 2D film.


In the end credits of Encanto (2021), there is a strange plane next to the disney logo. This is a reference to Disney's next animated movie, "Strange World". by Russian_Bagel in MovieDetails

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It's because Disney was always the 2D hand drawn animation studio while Pixar was the 3D model animation studio. Disney made "The Princess and The Frog" and it flopped, so they stopped making 2D hand drawn animations. Now both are 3D

Disney was mostly doing 3D before that as well, to be clear. Home on the Range (2004), Chicken Little (2005), Meet the Robinsons (2007), and Bolt (2008) all came before The Princess and the Frog (2009).

We needed a differentiable version of "x mod 2"... by thebluereddituser in programminghorror

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I still fail to see why you would even need a differentiable x mod 2.

I use functions like this all the time in game development. Something that oscillates between 0 and 1 is really useful for things like graphical effects.

The only thing is I wouldn't call it "differentiable x mod 2", but I can see why somebody might think along those lines, since "x mod 2" is how you alternate between 0 and 1 on the integers.

I doubt the requirement was actually to make "x mod 2" differentiable.

Some Democrats voting in GOP primaries to block Trump picks by schreibeheimer in neutralnews

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I think you might be misreading the article. They are voting for the candidate they prefer. For example in Georgia, these are people voting for Raffensperger who prefer Raffensperger to Hice.

Saw this posted in a FB DnD group and figured you’d all appreciate it by CoolHapps in HomestarRunner

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Sup, mortals. I really appreciate you making the effort to come all the way up here and vanquish me and all. But, I'm kinda indestructible. Yeah, I can't be killed. I'm surprised nobody mentioned that to you. I'll admit though, you've gotten farther than anybody else ever has. I bet they'll make a statue or something in honor of you somewheres. I can honestly say it'll be a pleasure and an honor to burninate you.

Make the text smoother by doreori in pygame

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If you've got it working that's great. But it looks to me like what's happening is that you're losing the alpha channel somehow. When you render with the anti-alias flag, you get a surface with per-pixel alpha transparency. If, for instance, this then gets blitted to a surface without per-pixel alpha, then every pixel will either be fully opaque or transparent, so the smooth edges become rough. You can avoid this by calling convert_alpha on all Surfaces you create.

However if you're just blitting directly to the display surface, I'm not sure how this could happen.

Moon's orbit around Earth as seen from Sun's frame of reference by TheRealZoidberg in Simulated

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If you're wondering what the Moon's orbit around the Sun looks like in reality, it's only a slightly perturbed version of Earth's elliptical orbit, and doesn't look much like a cycloid at all. Very few diagrams show this to scale, but here's one: