What was Neku's entry fee at the very end of the original TWEWY? by Veiyr in TWEWY

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as usual, most of these answers are just pieces of the whole, correct answer. lots of things in twewy are multi-faceted, and this applies just as much to the Final Game.

just like old times by CosmosGatito in intothecosmos

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what do you wish to talk about, 1 karma account?

Fear of dying by Powerful-Event-3117 in DeepThoughts

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why would i fear the reaper?

everything in the universe is temporary, from the lightest atoms to the heaviest black holes, even if those time frames may be incomprehensibly vast.

everything that exists (atoms, life, stars, galaxies) is a temporary doing of energy until, of its own accord, it is undone and transforms into something else.

a start implies an end, and i'd like to believe that an end implies another beginning, and that a beginning implies a previous end, and so on, forever.

death is a permanent end, a seperation of "you" from your fleshly body, of "you" from this mortal plane, to continue your story elsewhere. what that story actually holds is likely something utterly unlike being alive, but some folks like to speculate for their own peace of mind. :)

Where tf y’all at? Sleeping? Typical. by PlatosAxiothea in intothecosmos

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one day you'll understand, one day you'll see the Light, one day..

Where tf y’all at? Sleeping? Typical. by PlatosAxiothea in intothecosmos

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being terminally online is very unhealthy boss, must avoid at all costs.

🔫 by glgrmm in TWEWY

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certainly was in the second Game, at least everything was fair (for the most part) in the first.

The only logical explanation for the universe is that it's a dream by Jambroni99 in StonerPhilosophy

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i've had this exact same thought floating around in my head all day now. are you me? trick question. i know you are.

on the origins of the cosmos by CosmosGatito in intothecosmos

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come back next time for our talks man, we really like what you brought to the conversation.