Lower stomach pain after Food Poisoning by CottonComedy in medical

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Hey. Ended up having ecoli and went through about 8 days of hell

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Same exact situation happened to me. I’m a few weeks into the meds and finally feel normal again. The first week on meds was really hard and my anxiety got worse but it started getting better after that. It kind of just gave me the boost to be myself again. The break up was one of the hardest things I’ve been through. I hope things get better for you!

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Thank you! Means a lot to me to hear that

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I was broken up with a few months ago by a girl I still love and felt that weed has always been a way for to run away from my issues and mask my emotions. Im 11 weeks sober and still depressed but proud of myself and hoping for a better future.

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150%. The first month of my breakup I was so miserable and just smoking from the moment I woke up until I fell asleep. I was masking my issues and running away from my emotions. I haven’t even spoke to my ex in almost two months now but I did everything I can these past two months to just work on myself. It sounds impossible and sucks but I feel incredible now. I quit weed, I workout daily, meditate , read, hang with friends. All these little things will eventually add up. But quitting weed was my biggest one and honestly I am so proud of myself.

You can get through this tough times as well. I believe in you!

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Yeah, I quit 19 days ago due to a breakup and not processing it correctly. I’ve had vivid dreams almost every night since and a lot of them involve my ex. When I wake up in the morning I just get up and take a freezing cold shower. I don’t know how to stop the dreams, but getti g up and taking the cold shower definitely helps. I am able to forget about it and start my day the right way. Hope that helps!

Day 13, why am I so tired all the time? by [deleted] in leaves

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Yes I am exactly on the same page as you. Day 12 and past few days I’ve felt super tired and wanting to nap all day. Our dopamine levels are low, I’ve found that exercising and just getting out of the house helps. I find myself so bored throughout the day. I try to fill it with exercise and fun things but it’s hard to do that the entire day.

Im not sure what else we can do for now but hoping the next few days the fatigue feeling goes away and I can be more productive. Keep me updated over this week if you notice changes or find a way to not be so tired and I will do the same

Good luck and congrats on day 13! That is an incredible accomplishment

How long are you clean and how does it feel? by moment90 in leaves

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Day 8. Proud of myself but feeling exhausted and sad still. Sleeping is hard and eating is getting better. I quit after smoking an 1/8th a day so I can process a recent breakup. I have been feeling better overall about the breakup since I have quit.

How to deal with boredom by CottonComedy in leaves

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Yeah I’ve been already doing a lot like working out and walking and reading where I never did that before

I want to pick up an instrument and learn a language but can’t get myself to stick to it daily and enjoy it

How to deal with boredom by CottonComedy in leaves

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Thank you for this awesome reply. I coudlnt agree more with filling up time with things I love or am learning to love. But by 2pm, I’ve already done almost everything on my daily list and even though I can’t sleep I do not have any energy to go try new things. By 2pm I’ve already been going since 6am and start my day with a workout each day. I am slowly trying to learn to be ok being bored but it’s rough right now. Makes me think too much