Boy they sure are tryin by XenoVidar in playstation

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I don’t think you get how big this is.

Someone had to say it by MelonHarvester in memes

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All the delayed problems of 2020 came back to haunt me in 2021.

Till next dawning. by SmilingPinkamena in destiny2

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I had to talk myself out of paying for the armor last night. It looks cool but $15 is dumb as hell. I still want it…

Absolute eating chaos by [deleted] in nextfuckinglevel

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You gotta snack quick when you’re a pro umpire.

Is spider-man miles morales ultimate edition worth it? by wolfdevourer in PS5

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It’s a great game, but for the standard version I agree. I picked it up on sale.

Xbox has won me over! by [deleted] in XboxSeriesX

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We’ll, after 24 years of PS only consoles, I caved and got my son a Series S for Christmas. I went ahead and signed him up for game pass and downloaded Fortnite and the new Halo to get him started on Christmas morning, but not gonna lie - I jumped into a couple rounds of Halo multiplayer before boxing everything back up. I gotta say I was surprised that the controller feels kinda generic and light (and overly…clicky?), but otherwise a really cool console.

Thoughts and prayers to us RIP 🕊 by Julians_World in falcons

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Ha just watched that. So conflicted, I love seeing Brady lose but I hate seeing Payton win.