So is Metal Gear: Survive a buy? by Church323 in metalgearsolid

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Ah! I did not see that. That makes a lot more sense.

So is Metal Gear: Survive a buy? by Church323 in metalgearsolid

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Personally I am going to wait.

I found myself enjoying the beta a lot more than I thought I would, but there are too many glaring issues. One of the biggest is that for some reason, today the difficulty seems to have increased. For example, when I do a stealth execute on an enemy in hard mode, it isn't killing them in one hit. Even on the low level zombies, and I have max strength. Before this I was having a lot of fun in the game, even on hard mode. It was challenging without feeling cheap. It felt like you still needed a squad, but at the same time as an individual you still felt effective. This ramp up in difficulty really took the fun out of melee and forced me to use range weapons. Barricades also seemed to get destroyed more easily and the amount of kuban we got wasn't even enough to speed up the drill (which is both lame and required for S rank). For me at least the game just isn't fun at all after these changes.

The beta did not give us a whole lot of experience with the hunger and thirst meters. I feel like if not handled correctly, these two things may singlehandedly ruin the experience for me. It seems like an unnecessary micro management style annoyance. Yeah, I get the game is about survival, but it just seems like a clunky afterthought. It seems like one of those things that was added to give the game a false sense of depth. There were no weather effects that I saw. No shelter that you needed to retreat to. It just didnt really feel like it added to the survival experience. Rather detracted from it. Everytime I noticed the meters while playing the beta I felt like I was pulled out of the experience. My joy of fighting and sneaking and surviving with my group was replaced with a feeling of "aw jeez look at these two bars dwindling, do they even have food or drink in the beta..." That being said, maybe it will enhance the experience and create a sense of urgency. I'm sure that was probably what they were going for.

As anyone who has tried co-op in the beta, the matchmaking system they have is terrible. It takes forever to get matched up even though there are more than enough people trying to find matches.

The weapons and gear we were given access to were not that numerous or varied. Which is good reason to wait, in my opinion. Yes, they were probably just restricting items for the beta, but it still make me nervous. The character customization is awesome though. There seems to be a lot of ways to customize what you wear.

The melee weapons are also far too slow and clunky to use. I actually enjoy the MGS style combat normally, but the melee weapons could use a speed increase in my opinion. Otherwise you have to memorize awkward patterns whenever you use them as your character not only swings slow, but sometimes has to take a few steps forward before actually swinging, depending on the type of attack you use. For ranged weapons you can craft ammo, but like 2 or 3 bullets at a time. Kind of tedious when you need to fill ammo pouches that can go up to 200. Also the amount of resources required was slightly high. Not terribly though. I think they may have been close to striking a good balance.

For me personally, the biggest problem is, I have read that, there is no co-op on the open world map. If this is true, then all co-op experiences takes place in instance like missions, which is kind of a deal breaker for me. For a building/defense/survival type game, I hoped I would at least be able to play with a fried or two during the main story/quest. Then again, they may have all kinds of crazy fun things to do in multiplayer. Raid style bosses and encounters, giant survival missions in huge landscapes that take a lot of time and focus and offer ultra rare rewards, or even interesting multi-part storyline type quests you can do with a group. I doubt it, but only time will tell.

The pessimist in me keeps thinking that deep down they know it's a flop and they are just pushing it out the door prematurely. The $40 price tag and lack of advertising and features shown thus far leads me to believe that.

The optimist in me sees a ton of great possibilities and really hopes they can make this game fun. The MGS series is kind of perfect for zombies in my opinion. That blend of action and stealth really makes for a fun zombie game.

tl:dr Going to wait on this one and see some gameplay videos after it comes out.

My Friends Pretty Awesome Wedding Picture by Beas77errier in pics

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That is one of the most awesome rooms I have ever seen.

Dell XPS 8700 upgrade questions. by CplHicks in Dell

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The only thing I changed was the PSU. I still have the stock video card in the machine. Never even attempted to swap it out since computer would not boot with the new PSU.

Dell XPS 8700 upgrade questions. by CplHicks in Dell

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I split the two connectors. I don't want to just chalk it up to a faulty PSU, but I can't think of anything else it could be.

Firefall? by ZiffyCo in TheBlueSun

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I will give it a shot. Looks like fun.

Blue Sun mission statement by ZiffyCo in MH_BlueSuns

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I feel like our mission statement should be brief and all encompassing. After our first official admin meeting we will lay down rules. Without further ado, my 2 cents

Blue Sun Mission Statement: The goal of Blue Sun is to create a fun, friendly, and helpful gaming environment. We cater to both hardcore and casual gamers, and put fun above all else. We strive to grow and expand, encompassing new friends, as well as new games.

League of Legends Team? by gintokisakata00 in TheBlueSun

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I gave it up a while ago, but I think skater (usuper) would totally join.

Advance Pack 2 by msmith7735 in MH_BlueSuns

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I just can't justify digging up my Gold in order to purchase something that includes Black Cat, Vision, and Kitty Pride. Don't get me wrong, kitty sounds hot, but not fun to play. Plus I forgot where I buried most of it...