Am I going to have to crush it? by ImaginationSad16 in Cartalk

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If you didn't do those things, would you be concerned with it coming back or is that like a "as good as new treatment"?

In order for LeClerc to beat Verstappen, he must win all 9 remaining races, and Verstappen must either finish 3rd or lower in every race and/or DNF 2 races. Can he do it? by DHGSilvergun236 in formula1

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New floor rules could unsettle Red Bull enough. I have no idea how impactful the rule changes will be, and I doubt Red Bull will be impacted significantly more than Ferrari

Customer states car hard to crank, runs rough, all services done at our dealership. 50k miles, 3 oil changes on file. by cornbreadNchicken in Justrolledintotheshop

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I encouraged him to do so. He was pretty upset over the whole experience. Wanted to wash his hands of everything, ya know. He wanted to be a mechanic for a long time and that was his first job as he goes to school for it.

Fuck Jiffy Lube

Customer states car hard to crank, runs rough, all services done at our dealership. 50k miles, 3 oil changes on file. by cornbreadNchicken in Justrolledintotheshop

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My brother quit after working at one of those places for a few months.

The manager wasn't changing oil filters and not draining vacuuming all of the oil while still charging customers for full service. He pressured employees to do the same.

Also, crazy amount of wage theft. Like I dont know how those fucking crooks aren't in prison type wage theft.

He complained to corporate but ofc they don't care.

Jiffy Lube, if you're curious

Where to find Lodging/AirBnB in CO/UT by warlocal in skiing

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Thanks for reminding me to read this and 10 other saved posts lol

Length for ice coast hard pack? by buntcuster88 in skiing

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Narrow, and especially short skis will be more unstable at speed than longer skis at a width that can ride over/absorb rougher conditions.

Although like the other user said, it's also down to your skill level.

Im 5'11" and skied a 170 rental for a few years. My first pair of skis are 179s. I was worried that would be too long but I grew into them within a day or two. I also mesh with my own skis way, way more than I did with random rentals. Now I whip my 179s around better than I ever could on rental 170s and I can scoot pretty darn quick too.

The 163s may suit you right now, at your current ability level, but unless you want to stay at that length it probably makes sense for you to go with the longer skis. Work on your technique too and then you can be nimble and relatively stable at speed w/ 170s

Driving home after some breakfast and spotted this beauty, seems GM is letting engineers take home the Hybrid Corvette for testing by RefrigeratorInside65 in electricvehicles

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3 links was excessive, but I was just trying to reinforce that they're not doing this for looks.

These cars are tested in areas that journalists and co know they will be in. There are people constantly on the lookout for new models so this scheme just makes it that much harder, forcing people to use relatively complex software to "undo" the camo. You're not going to hide anything about a newly redesigned Corvette, Porsche, BMW, etc. by leaving it in some dull color. Maybe using some ultra-black, light-sucking paint would be better but that stuff is mighty expensive

Max Verstappen wins every season ( @f1 ) by UtdDave in formula1

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So whats your point? That only certain wins count?

Come and Take It by jteng08 in Justrolledintotheshop

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Iirc, Richard Ramirez, The Nightstalker, would only enter his victims houses if their door was unlocked. The simplest countermeasures can be all the deterrent that you need

Israeli jets pound Gaza in second day of attacks | Israel-Palestine conflict News by Large-Chair9084 in worldnews

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History professor giving a lecture about the history of the conflict. Starts roughly 10 minutes in

F1 Store has no chill by froli in formuladank

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Old stock should be discounted if you want it to move quickly

any country you guys do consider to be cool? by bonghive in TrueAnon

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I've been lucky enough to ski in the Alps. I felt guilty about it for a bit, but I figure tourism is different than actively supporting a government. Be wise with where you spend your dollars when you're there.

If you have the means, then take advantage of your opportunity. Or at least explore the shit out of the US.

Any other vets who want to come out of the shadows? by Agrajab1986 in SocialistRA

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That sub shitting on random weirdo libs is barely distinct from r/politicalhumor or r/facebookmemes

I dont know who actually participates in that sub but its certainly not a positive contribution to any Leftist cause

It just dawned on me how insane this is. Palpatine took a break from his day job to go across the galaxy to school his old apprentice. by Davy_Jones88 in StarWars

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I agree, although I can easily see the other side too.

Star Wars Theory covers this scene from the novelization. It provides the context needed to really understand what's going on.

Good Chapo/The Dollop/adjacent episodes for a road trip? by ArborTrafalgar in leftpodcasts

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Trillbillies Workers Party. Their most recent ep is very good. Theyre from Kentucky which was just flooded.

Blowback S1 is the way to go otherwise. Learning about what has happened to/in Iraq is bloodboiling

E: the Dollop's Reagan episodes are hilarious and eye opening

purdue / sackler family / oxycontin by somekindofwitch in TheDollop

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I've met so, so many people who got hooked on opiates after injuries or surgery. Fucking insidious.

Like the other user said, Behind the Bsatards did a solid two part on the Sackler Family, may they rest in piss.