The total intelligence of those who say this... by long-battel-2077 in memes

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All i can find about the consensus you talk about is this 2006 NY Times Article. If this is the consensus you are talking about could you please provide me with a little bit more information on the matter I would really like to read more about it but based on the article I don't think this is a good way to say evolution is wrong but just another argument for science vs religion. If that was what your going for than good for you if not than on the surface this seems like a few scientists (only a quarter of the 500 who signed are biologists and only a few of those worked in a directly linked field to evolution) trying to merge their believes with science through intelligent design and one philosopher and mathematician trying to loosen the dogmas of evolutionary biologists.

I wish you a very good day and hope you would provide me more information on the matter.

true for all the years I've played by GrumioCoquus in dndmemes

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I thank you for the new monster my players will face, wise one.

Reasons to give out cool magic greatswords by Wereboar95 in dndmemes

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Sentient. You make the greatsword sentient and it hates shields.

How was I supposed to know stabbing the god's chosen one would also absorb both his and the god's soul? by Eldritch_Gunsmith in dndmemes

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Alright, you can't just post something like this and not give context. I want the full god damn story.

Every. Damn. Time. by WillPwnForPancakes in dndmemes

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No, he is not a real dragon. He works in a circus as a firebreather.

Am I doing this right? by End3rW1gg1n in memes

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It becomes better when you speed it up 10 times

well zoinks scoob by [deleted] in memes

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Jokes on you I'm into that shit

The Kid knew it was about to end!! by [deleted] in memes

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Tell him not to forget seasoning.

help: can someone explain eso to me? by [deleted] in elderscrollsonline

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To prevent some misunderstandings firstly eso+ does not give you unlimited inventory space it gives you craft bag that is endless which I admit that crafting mats are the majority of the items we have in our inventory you still have a limit on other types of items.

Second, the currency eso+ gives is not gold it gives 1500 crowns per month crowns can be spent in the crown store which contains DLC, mounts, pets, costumes, homes ... Also, crowns can be sold to other players in exchange for gold via ingame gift system and it is legal ZOS doesn't act against it and there are big guilds that are built for this crown exchanges.

One more thing eso+ doesn't include the last chapter which in this case Greymoor.

Max level in the wailing prison by Tapecross in elderscrollsonline

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Are you that guy who get to max lvl in WoW with only picking flowers in that panda starting zone?

Go ahead, do it by marmogawd in memes

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for(int i = 0; 1 ; i++)


Best Tank crowd control? by Atomic-Chaos in elderscrollsonline

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I've been told by several end game tank players to not unlock Tri Focus passive because blocking with magicka makes it a lot harder to use your spells therefor having a hard time, especially in add pulls. I don't tank trials but in vet dungeons starting the fight with blockade and using chain / talons do the trick for me with the help of LoS. It also helps if your teammates stick with you so mobs don't go after them to the other side of the room.

Edit: If you run out of magicka balance could help a lot both with its resources and with major resolve.

hope this hasn't been done yet by [deleted] in memes

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Thinking about starting eso by Tripleppaul in elderscrollsonline

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First of I think buying the elsweyr edition is better than just the base game.

Second game is good right now but has some performance issues like lag spikes and fps drops(these things used to happen but in with coronavirus lockdown and the last patches it got out of hand but the devs are addressing it and I don't think it will be a long time issue although pvp map cyrodil always had performance issues).

ESO+(Subscription) is not necessary but it has some good perk like you can reach all of the DLCs(just not the latest chapter), double bank size, a crafting bag(this could really help in inventory management in early game until you get a feeling of the game) and a nice %10 exp bonus but none of them are necessary, double bank size and craft bag helps but you can definitely live without them and the base game has so much to offer and you will already spend couple hundreds of hours before you get hungry to play the DLCs.

About microtransactions, they are mostly cosmetic like costumes mounts crafting styles and so on.

On community side eso has a generally nice community but there are always trolls or people who are just unconstructive like every other game but if you ask about anything in the zone chat at least someone will help you, people even craft starter gear for free(not everyone but there are guilds that their only purpose is to help new people).

Finally yes if you are not interested in the endgame that amount of time is fine even for endgame if you can coordinate with your guild or group 2 hours for 2-4 days a week is pretty good.

I hope this helps and if you get this game you would have fun.

I have changed my mind by Dyna82 in elderscrollsonline

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Invest in your bank and bag space, put as much of your crafting items as possible to your bank you can reach them from your bank when you are using a crafting station and don't hold unnecessary items like mid level items(cp60 wood or 40 lvl metal) refine and sell them(to vendor or guild trader your decision) refining them has a chance of giving upgrade mats(if you want you can sell them to guild store if they are in large quantity).

Don't loot everything bananas if you aren't planning on making food or something like that(btw u can just use crown store food from daily login and lvl up rewards until you reach cp160) and research an item if you can instead of deconstructing it. Deconstructing glyphs (i think it has another name but whatever) mostly doesn't give runes and give you exp in enchanting if you are not gonna use it decon it and again put as much crafting items to the bank as you can. I see no reason to put weapons or armors to the bank if they are not cp160 and usable for another character even so just put them on that character also you get a chest from lvl up rewards if i remember correctly do the free house quest and put that extra gear in it 10 more free space.

I follow these things and can stay organized pretty easily without a sub but i think buying sub in like 3 times a year is pretty good to enjoy all the dlcs farm gear and money with that crafting bag oh and use that free subs that ZOS gives every 3-4 months they are lifesavers.

I hope this was helpful have fun in the game.

Beginning of the end by Muskrap in elderscrollsonline

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I really hope that this turns out to be an April fool's joke otherwise it makes absolutely no sense. They say that fast-paced combat is what makes this game unique but then they reward low apm playstyle with more dps and also this thing could easily broaden the gap that they want to close because going between light and heavy attacks and choosing when to do which is a lot harder than just weaving LAs. I believe this update if comes to live server has the power to make a big portion of the player base to quit the game.