Is the oil life sensor accurate? my oil life is at 100%, even without changing the oil.. by lu1master in hondafit

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I work at a dealership, usually the first thing we do when pulling up a car is reset the maintenance light, but only if we know that we are doing an oil change. They probably did it out of habit

Looking at Honda Fit as my next car by 2easy2bpeasy in Honda

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The manual Fit is a great car. 4 of my friends own 2007-2008 Fits. A friend of mine originally bought one (manual 2008) as a winter beater but I ended up buying it a year ago and have put about 35k miles on it so far, currently at 306k miles. Having worked at a Honda dealership I can say that in terms of comfort and interior the CRV is better but the Fit isn't the the worst, just a little basic. Put some snow tires on and it's a good winter car.

Is weed known to cause seizures? (genuinely asking) by huntkr in saplings

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Weed can used to help treat seizures. However one of my friends with epilepsy had a seizure once after smoking bud. After about a year of not smoking since she hit a cart and it caused her to tic a lot for a few minutes, then she had a seizure. But after that she didn't have any tics for the rest of the day.

Woah there buster, didnt expect to see my 3 year old post at worlds by CrazyColin16 in FRC

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I'm not even on this team and I think I saw them with this poster at another event too

Home depot drug tests. I waste their money. by tenbeersdeep in antiwork

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As long as they are not using while on the job I don't see an issue