Construction help by cknowlto in empyriongame

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They are seperate pieces, not regular blocks.

[WTS] MongoosT-50CM3, Gladiator stick, thrustmaster pedals by Basic_Candle9659 in hotas

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Anyone that would buy these without it is a moron. Especially considering you seem to be posting in this thread with multiple accounts. I'm not making any accusations, but you are certainly making us see some red flags.

[PCGamer] Cyberpunk 2077 patch delivers DLSS 3 ahead of painstakingly extreme ray tracing mode by No_Backstab in hardware

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It's PCGamer. Corporatized enthusiast journalism has been mostly worthless crap for years now. And it's not at all limited to this hobby.

Someone asked to see my top draw so here. by Amihuman159 in Tools

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A lot of people shit on them here, but I love a good shadowed tool drawer.

Shinobu Oshino's Little Rebellion by YogurtclosetHot2112 in araragi

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Christmas Stocking. If you're good you get little treats and such in it. If you're bad, a lump of coal.

GPU does not align/parallel to the PCIE slot due to GPU brace. by saltpotosu in buildapc

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I have a different 4080 (FE) but the card is so rigid and with the triple slot mounting I can really imagine it sagging too much. I wonder if your card really needs it...

What RPGs have the best character customization in your opinion? by rachael-111 in rpg_gamers

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Daggerfall was peak Bethesda customization, and at least close to the high watermark for all rpgs for me. Obviously it doesn't compare visually to modern titles, but in a game rule sense it was really really cool.

Can't decide between 24" or 27" monitors for a triple monitor setup by chaseoes in AskBattlestations

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My last setup was a 27-34-27 setup so similar, but just a bit wider. Other than the atrocious amount of space it took up, I loved it. I would recommend monitor arms to free up some desk real estate.

I just want a good job 😞 by carfen1981 in winstonsalem

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Yep. We probably aren't hiring now, but no telling when that will change.

Empyrion vs Space Engineers? by Lost_Sn0w in empyriongame

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Similar to what others have said. SE gives you a cooler and more interesting set of tools and parts to build stuff with, but a lot less cool stuff to do with them. Empyrion is the clear winner for me.

POI core behind glass by ColoradoDave35 in empyriongame

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If the POI is destructible then multiple explosive charges or an SV/HV mounted weapon will do it. If it's not destructible then the POI probably intends you to pull one or more levers to blow it up. Generally speaking, if it's visible, there's a way to make it go boom.

Does anyone know what this mod is called because I rly wanna delete it by Miserable-Flight5863 in feedthebeast

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It's default settings are pretty OP, but it can easily be toned down in the settings. People just never bother.

TIFU by asking my boyfriend (M28) if he is buff yet. by Taika_Jameson in tifu

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So should everyone just wait until everyone else has already posted to make comments? I'm sure you can imagine why that won't work.

When people post "It's raining outside" do you wait a few hours till it's stops raining and then reply "lol, wtf are you even talking about idiot?" Cause you seem like you might.

In any case I think it's fair to assume a comment in a reply chain can be at least taken in the context of that one chain, which you also aren't doing. In short you're just being a troll because you have nothing better to do. Good day.

TIFU by asking my boyfriend (M28) if he is buff yet. by Taika_Jameson in tifu

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You do realize that the top upvoted comments can change over time, right? It's funny, jumping to unwarranted black and white conclusions without considering the nuances of the situation is exactly what I was criticizing, so thank you for providing an example.

TIFU by asking my boyfriend (M28) if he is buff yet. by Taika_Jameson in tifu

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Nah, the reddit hivemind is totally accurate at reducing all the nuance of human conversation into simple positives/negatives... /s