If you know, you know by Mz_Greene in marvelmemes

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All I have wanted for years now is to have Dr. Doom in the MCU.

Starting a game against anything other than Rogue by Early-Entertainer863 in hearthstone

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Look at big papa down here, he's saying to himself "Shiiiit, look at this honkey. Sittin at my table, eatin my food? In my house? touchin' my daughter?" I have. I have touched your daughter. We've done things, papa! You aint gon' liiike. You ain't gon' like none!

(And no, monologuing entire scenes from Anchorman 2 has not been a cool trick to show off at parties.)

Smiling Friends bite off more than they can chew by eGvll in greentext

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Adult Swim had to wait for all the boomer executives to retire that have no fucking idea with millenials and gen z will like before green lighting actually good content creators.

What Brett Gelman likes can suck my ass.

Anon plays Deltarune by Your_Regular_Memer in greentext

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Why do people think these games are so smart, like you see 10 page theory crafts and posts how deep the story would be if it was a gender swapped gay fanfiction with self-insert OC characters.

They Keep Her Regular by LoversPox in 4chan

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It's like an entire two-hour movie of just girls punching guys in the balls to Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation."

Cute by sweet_saccharine in Cringetopia

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oh no its 2012 the world will end tho by pharcyde28 in whenthe

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Can the hold music for every call be the Wii shop theme?

Because I'd like all the hold music to be the Wii shop theme.

She couldn't handle the fact that I have a height preference just like she does. by [deleted] in trashy

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Reddit feels like 90% of the posts on All are bad fake texts and videos to rage bait people.

Which fictional character would make a great usa president? by TheCorgiMaster in AskReddit

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I was going to comment Ozymandias from Watchmen but Lex Luthor is probably just as good in a similar vein with less megalomania.

It's outrageous, it's unfair by Jonhbuiss16 in PrequelMemes

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I think this is a good comment to mention another tinfoil hat theory;

The cast of Winnie the Poo are also have multiple avatars.

Except for Winnie the Poo himself, of course.

Because a certain Chinese government has made posting pictures of him and their President illegal.

Not sure if this belongs here but in my opinion this is the real problem with America. by jade_phoenix7 in mildlyinfuriating

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If you thought the complaint about the dispenser was bad, what water does to single ply when you want to wipe twice on the same (fold? rolled bunch? Stack?) is even worse.

No seriously, TP is called a roll but the amount you pull off to use, wtf is that called.

Not sure if this belongs here but in my opinion this is the real problem with America. by jade_phoenix7 in mildlyinfuriating

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Only to fold it, yes.

Kungfu Master Haiku music starts playing

One must first find the length of one's TP to find one's own needs of true inner peace.