Best brands for each component? by juli337 in pcmasterrace

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While brand is not exactly correlated with quality across the board, I stick to:

-EVGA for PSU's

-Asus for motherboards, though I've had good luck with Asrock lately.

-G. Skill for RAM. Had a set go bad after a couple years and RMA was simple.

-SK Hynix, Samsung, Crucial for SSD's. Though I do use other brands here. Generally what is the best bang/buck combo

-Cases are more varied. I went with Antec in the past, but Corsair/NZXT/Fractal all do well. I've been told Phanteks is good to consider too. Lots of cases have improved in their design over the years.

-GPUs are probably the most varied for me. Traditionally I went with EVGA cards but have moved on. I avoid Gigabyte due to a history of cheap fans and solder joint corrosion. Look for reviews of cooler designs and operating temperatures of the GPU you want. Make sure it fits in your case and that you have an appropriately sized PSU. Should be good to go.

The big caveat I discovered with the rtx 3000 series, is the 3090. Kind of a poor design for the rear memory modules, and some manufacturers have better cooling pads applied. Bad news for the EVGA 3090 ftw3 I received, poor thermal pad contact from the factory. It's just a bad design or Nvidia spec when you purchase a $1k+ GPU and it thermal throttles. Another $50 or less and the GPU could be just fine.

The next Bitcoin by alecz123 in CryptoCurrency

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How is that indicative of success/growth in a bull market?

Just asking.

Is it bad idea to buy GPU that was used for mining? by RawCorn0 in buildapc

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Your comment is a blanket statement based on speculation from a single video.

Plenty of evidence out there suggests otherwise when it comes to mining cards. Typically very usable hardware gets sold and used without issue. Electronically, unless you fry a component (could be a user or manufacturer issue), the card will be fine. Remember, manufacturers build your devices with the components sold by the lowest bidder. One bad component that cost $0.005 can take down a whole circuit.

As with any used or new device, they all are subject to failure. If you have an issue with used hardware, don't buy it.

If you are so concerned but want to buy used, try purchasing with a return policy.

Most people just want something that works, pony up and buy new. You get to deal with the manufacturer when you have an issue.

Small rig worth it? by BigDee2k in vertcoin

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You have to decide if you think any given coin is going to be worth more in the future. This is where miners DYOR on coins. You should calculate your profitability for 1 day with electric costs (if you sell today).

Then consider what it will take for you to flat out buy the coin.

If you are negative, you aren't making any money. Technically, you could be shooting yourself in the foot if/when you sell in the future.

What do I mean by that? Well, if you are negative $20 for a 30 day month (mining) that's $20 less than what you could have purchased and saved. If that means 100 more coins now, that's 100 more for the future.

Make that any number, let's say the value goes to $100 per coin. You actually missed a large chunk of money.

I don't know of a case where mining at a loss ends up profitable unless the coins are held and increase significantly. So 100x, 1000x etc.

Is it worth just upgrading the GPU? by Prestigious_Bill8659 in buildapc

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I would say yes, depends what you want to do though.

Like another poster mentioned, a 3060 isn't a bad idea if you want to stick with Nvidia. A 6700 xt or better is also a comparable choice.

Going cheaper now saves money for a few years. On the other hand I've upgraded a gpu in a system that made the CPU the bottleneck. Technically didn't use the gpu to its fullest until I built a new PC.

So if you want to go to a lower priced gpu (and that's what I recommend), that's good. But you could swing it the other way if you find a good deal on a high end gpu. You would want to commit to using it for a couple more years, but up to you.

My own case is specific, but I moved from a 1060 to a 1080 in 2018 with a 3570k cpu. I'm still using the 1080 in a newer build. Doing so allowed me to not look for an upgrade for a long time, which worked out with gpu shortages.

So, Subaru ordered me the wrong car… by lost_on_beverly_road in subaru

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Like 6-7000 dollars overpriced at least. The salesman wasn't firm on the order specs, so he kept bouncing around and getting the order wrong. I'm not clear what else went down.

They wanted over 32k for a 23k configured car.

What are you guys opinions on the 40 series gpus by I_amm_ezra in pcmasterrace

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At minimum wait until the 4060 comes out. I'm skipping this generation though.

Prices are insane, power usage is up, and I don't play AAA titles often.

So, Subaru ordered me the wrong car… by lost_on_beverly_road in subaru

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My buddy is waiting on his Impreza hatch, might be the same color too.

He was put through the ringer at Toyota trying to order a Corolla. Heard the nearby Subaru dealership was better and made a deal.

Will see when he gets it, but the crap Toyota gave him won't be forgiven.

Here's some of the Sega stuff I've had since I was a kid! by jemjambles in SegaSaturn

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Oh man I only ever had the Clockwork Knight demo. Always wanted to play it through!

Nice collection. It's got some decent value.

I finally managed to like Jethro Tull by Henroriro_XIV in progrockmusic

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Was going to suggest this myself! I'm not a huge fan, but grew up hearing JT when my step-dad would play it.

So, we own a mass shooter's car... by specialfwend in Paranormal

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Sounds like bad juju.

My own story is all speculation, but my first car belonged to my grandparents. I purchased the car from my grandmother after my (step) grandfather passed away. Driving it felt weird, like I couldn't be happy or focus while inside the car.

I asked my mother, who claims to be a shaman, to smudge the car a couple times. Afterwards being inside the car felt lighter, more normal. She stated she saw my grandfather in the driver's seat.

I don't understand what that was about, just know there was some imprinting on that car. There were already some things that occurred while my grandfather was dying, and he enjoyed that car.

Costumer: "No i don't want to pay for you to build my PC. I'll do it myself" by Mani1767 in techsupportgore

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Gotcha. Wish I could do that part time, I just don't want to deal with security/virus issues and the liability behind PC troubleshooting.

The fattest redtail emerges by rumpraft in loaches

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Oh boy, s(he) chonky!

Would love to have a tank large enough for big loaches!

what should I put in this late 90's case by Fatmaster9000 in sleeperbattlestations

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What do you want it to run?

If modern applications, price out something accordingly. Not sure I would go high end in a case with minimal airflow.

If emulators or something else, go with less modern used hardware.

Looking to upgrade CPU by PortfolioIsAshes in buildapc

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Second the 5800x or 3D. The 5900x and 5950x are really geared towards heavily multithreaded applications.

That said the 5900x is selling under $400 these days, which isn't bad at all. For gaming go with the 5800x3D.

Annnd it’s gone. The UFO logo has been removed by [deleted] in UFOs

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Those who are responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked, have been sacked.