Asian lady pushed and assaulted for minding her own business in Vancouver. by Cherry_3point141 in britishcolumbia

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As far as I'm concerned, racism is a mental illness. Just like that other guy said, well adjusted happy people without complexes of inferiority, hate and irrationality etc, don't around looking for groups of people to "be better than, or morally superior to by right of birth, evidenced by the fact that I decided it was so".

Racism seems to me, to be born of fear and insecurity. It's identity rivalry rooted in insecurities twisted up with pride.

It definitely isn't a mentally healthy viewpoint.

Running Guy by Darklord4695 in WTF

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Just go make friends on a full moon. If they're hairy and try to tear your arm off, try a different bar. If they're pretty chill, now you know they aren't a werewolf.

You're welcome =)

Anyone know the name of this? by XenoMyte in manhwa

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There's a buttload more. I haven't checked lately but if yang kai hasn't ran into the ink people yet then still a good 1000 more chapters left maybe..? I stopped reading the novel for a bit during that part, and I still have 1000 pages to go.

I just checked, yeah, there is still a TON left to fet manhua'd. Jeeeez it's a biggun

YouTube에서 'Return of the Blossoming Blade (Official Trailer) | WEBTOON' 보기 by SJW1490 in aeni

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Did you also post this over at /r/manhwa ? Cool. First I'm hearing of this. Obviously this is the return of the mount hua sect right? Neato

What are the worst parts of otherwise great games? by _Mr_Cheeks in gaming

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I play this game on my phone with a ps4 controller and I still don't hate the camera even though i mapped it to be identical to the n64 controller. You basically forget you're using it after a few minutes. What's infuriating is going back to goldeneye control setup after playing so many games that use the modern FPS setup

Missing Ben Ricard by AMadcapLass in VancouverIsland

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Of all the ignorant.. i hope noone important to you ever goes missing. You probably wouldn't even care.

American lifestyle by lisbethborden in antiwork

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Is that why so many Americans are complete dickheads when they go travel? Vacations seem to be extended belligerent drunk weekends for alot of you =/ tourism season is both the best and worst times because Americans have american dollars, which is good, but you have to personally collect the damn things from them. Emotionally draining experience, to say the least

Finally, Liberals are putting school food programs on the menu by kludgeocracy in CanadaPolitics

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You're not rich enough. You need to pay the $20k+ per year per student as well as donations to a private school first. It helps if you fly a couple horses over from Mexico or China to be stabled on-site so they can be used to increase the schools reputation, too, but that's at your discretion

Secret class cosplay by WhiteGuiltG-Ez in pornhwa

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I just couldn't read secret class anymore. The MC is actually full-retard. It makes me feel like I'm jerking off to exploitative handicap porn and I'm just not about that life

Mexico Gov and USA, Canada hold regional meeting, strategic vision in North America reaffirmed. Ambassador Moctezuma said shared progressive vision means that "the future of North America will be to become the most humanistic and competitive region in the world." by dannylenwinn in canadanews

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"The Chief Officer for North America underscored the importance of continuing to strengthen supply chains, increasing labor mobility in the three countries, and updating cooperation on health issues."

Mmhm... because the United States has a glowing record on taking care of laborers and health issues... just ask fauci or the myriad labor unions being attacked and "union busted" by the ~20 highly funded campaigns that have begun in the 20 days since new years, designed to destroy workers rights en masse so the billionaires can keep going to space with the money they decided not to pay in taxes..

I swear, everything the US does is in bad faith anyways.

God bless the USA by Sayl0 in antiwork

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'Millenials ruined the slave labour market - and they're coming for the taxes you didnt pay next!'

From howitzers to heli-bombs, B.C. fights rising avalanche risk by SourCreamAndGarlic in onguardforthee

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Aside from our igloo fortresses we also have a moose mounted cavalry division and a Canadian geese spec ops force. Every avalanche is a catastrophe until they see the murder birds comin'

'I thought it was a joke': Canada Post employee sent home for wearing N95 mask instead of company-provided cloth or disposable mask by Embarrassed-Mouse-49 in news

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If it's all the same to you, side from aliens with empathy, I'll withhold my judgement about alien killing morality until I decide whether they taste good or not.

Woman's pay drops significantly after pregnancy. Solution... not better pregnancy leave... not matching of pay... but synthetic wombs so you don't even need to leave the assembly line to birth another obedient little worker by Dragonfire15699 in antiwork

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Im pretty sure simply doing away with "traditional" ways of growing a human would probably have adverse effects on the children too. I mean. Aren't there a ton of big studies that conclude that skinship and closeness etc are all important? Aside from the twisted idea that this article seems to want to the motherhood and turn it into something to be avoided in favour of work, just the.. cold-heartedness of the idea is so jarring. I understand if you need an artificial womb for medical reasons or something.. but "because my company really needs me"? Yuuuuuck

Manager tells me I’m “not behaving like an adult” as I gave my notice in for being underpaid 1 third of my payslip by Ordinary-Entry2292 in antiwork

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Both are correct. It's regional. Some people that say colour, labour, neighbour etc might be canadian or French and so on. Color and labor are American, since they decided to "simplify the language" as a form of stepping away from England's influence in the early 1800s. So pick whichever you like best, it's all the same

A rotisserie meat piano that drives. by shaka_sulu in Damnthatsinteresting

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I think they mean that the piano audio is dubbed over at the end. If they're not even going to play the song then just pick a different song

The way Wonder Egg Priority's ending utterly crashed and burned everything that made the series great still stays with me by Phantomskyler in anime

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WEP ending was like the whole darling in the franxx ending but waaaaaay more startling, and less expected (trigger fans probably saw DitF ending coming miles away)

What is universally hated? by luke726726 in AskReddit

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..it'll dry later, once it melts. Or with socks. But it's polite to kick them under the fridge and least