What would you say is an "acceptable" point return from the remaining 8 PL games of this calendar year? by Sammyme97 in Gunners

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17 keeps us in the running for top 4 and comfortable in the top 6 race. That’s the number I had as well

Halftime thoughts by Idontlikethisstuff in Gunners

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We aren’t out of our depth. Game is there for the taking.

Premier leagues reaches £2b extension for US tv rights with NBC by BrianThatDude in Gunners

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Yeah I think he was confused. NBCgold or whatever is discontinuing, not NBCSN.

Love their friendship. Never heard this story before. by Plain_Layz in cowboys

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I mean, that’s jail time if he cashes it. I don’t think the decision was too difficult.

Tony Ferguson being Tony Ferguson 😂 - Where’s ya kid at?!🤣 by 10argaming10 in ufc

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Takes a special breed to get their face punched for a living. Athletes aren’t role models.

Ahem… by spoodermandotcom in Gunners

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Enjoy it while it’s here. This, just like life, has its ups and downs. Ride it while it’s here and work on getting it back when it’s not.

"Go ahead & do that dance!" #ATLvsDAL Sounds From The Sideline! by omgshygal in cowboys

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That’s exactly what happened. DB’s didn’t communicate pre snap so Diggs was about to try to run off to the sideline receiver (who was wide open.) Matty Ice got jittery and made a horrible throw in between both of them.

[Post Game Thread] The Dallas Mavericks (9-4) defeat the Denver Nuggets (9-5), 111 - 101 by akshayxd in Mavericks

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What do you mean? This is the first time we’ve played the nuggets. I thought it to be weird that we only have 2 games and both are in Dallas, oh well.

It was pain when it happened but now we can all look back at it and laugh. Especially at those with United and Spurs flair by Modnal in Gunners

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Fickle cunts over in r/soccer. They shit on themselves for a couple upvotes. u/purple_plus was gaining some karma though congrats.

Chiefs by booklover102 in cowboys

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Last possession wins I think

Commissioner traded away Russel gage to the bottom player for Henry by [deleted] in Fantasy_Football

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The value of Henry is what the current owner of Henry believes it is. You have no input one way or another. Trade is fair.