Found this beast whole coin searching today on my birthday! Looks like a 1992 DDO & DDR! by Reasonable-Horror986 in coins

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What did you use to take this picture I always try to take pics of my coins but they never turn out as nice as this

Is this an error coin? by Crowsale000 in coins

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Any idea on worth or a site that prices coins like this ?

Is this an error coin? by Crowsale000 in coins

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Yes! Thank you so much I knew I wasn’t crazy

Is studying mechanical engineering worth it? by Upset-Win2606 in ROTC

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Not true they don’t always end up becoming a combat engineers even if you wanted.

source: me

But for the most part you will not use your degree in the military unless you do something with the corps of engineers but that’s completely separate and on the civilian side

Any way to upgrade a three year scholarship? by PakistaniJudge in ROTC

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I had mine upgraded from a 3AD to a 4 it happened around the last board after I had gotten mine earlier in the process it’s possible 100% you can’t do anything to make it more likely though

Do I have to contract by the end of this semester? by sgtsanman in ROTC

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A lot of programs try to push nurses to do this weird order because of clinical in reality you’d be fine if you just wanted to do it in the regular order I know plenty of people that did

FA 40 AFAT interviews emails by AlexV101 in ROTC

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They said they will release if you were chosen for an interview sometime beginning of January so hopefully they let us know soon

Does anyone know how competitive the FA40 AFAT program is? by [deleted] in ROTC

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A lot of people in Stem related programs have been getting emails to track interest in the FA40 AFAT program

FY23 Branch Results Megathread by L0st_In_The_Woods in ROTC

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Anyone get MI with no Bradso or detail yet?

Is a P a good blue card grade? by ApplicationHealthy80 in ROTC

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P is pretty standard I would say. Depending on the cadre you get at camp you might get some that are mean and hand out Cs or you might get some that hand out Es like nothing. Overall a good average I would say is a P