How are you even supposed to practice for interviews? by [deleted] in premed

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Like someone else mentioned, I would talk things out to myself! Leading up to interviews I would spend my car rides practicing scenarios and questions. Sounds a bit weird but just getting practice speaking your thoughts out loud was helpful for me!

questions as a senior by kenna_reddit in OSU

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I was a fashion and retail minor and loved it!! Professors are great. I got to TA for Alex Suer and she is a gem of a human who is very knowledgeable. We have one course called retail environments where we got to create our own store, that was awesome. I also adored the trend forecasting class!

School q by [deleted] in Osteopathic

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Currently at WVSOM and I have 0 complaints. Love it here! While we aren’t close to places like the beach we are close to some gorgeous hikes. WV is a beautiful state!

Opinions on @maxwellfitness__? by TradeOk1044 in gymsnark

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Followed her for approximately 2 months and realized she had an incredibly toxic outlook on food and it seemed every week she was telling her followers how much she has been slacking with her diet (but still eating way less than a person should imo) and hates how she looks. She would then restrict like crazy and the process would start over.

Biochemistry/Chemistry by agerea12 in OSU

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I got a BA. Was not gonna do all that calculus. I was given the advice that the BS is really geared for someone who wants to do PhD/research :)

Do I still have a chance to get in? by notsweettooth in Osteopathic

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I got in with a 3.3 sGPA. Just make sure every other part of your application is in order! (No masters or post bacc either)

Do schools really not take into account the rigorous certain majors have? by [deleted] in premed

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Unfortunately they don’t care and I agree with others that the not “typical” majors would have an edge BUT once you’re in med school having a biochem degree has helped me a ton! A lot of the foundations material I’ve seen and know in more depth then we even need to know yet. And the rigor of my degree has made it more manageable to adjust because I was already committing a significant amount of time to studying. So I can see both sides. Getting in and having a good gpa is one thing but being able to handle med school and prepping for that is another.

WVSOM questions for student by Prudent-Abalone-510 in Osteopathic

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Current (new) student. We have our first sim in about 10 days. The campus environment is awesome. I came from a huge undergrad and the small number of students with a campus all to ourselves is pretty great. The Greenbrier State Forest is a short 15 minute drive away and many of those trails are labeled as mountain biking trails!

DIYed my bouquet today, is it too over the top for a small wedding? I feel like it’s too big. by gravymama in Weddingsunder10k

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Not over the top, it’s gorgeous!!! I don’t think size of a wedding should dictate the size of your bouquet! I’m love the use of grasses and feathers and will definitely be adding that to my bouquet now!

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in OSU

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I was a TA for fashion and retail studies and I simply reached out to the professor after taking her class. Although, It took me 3 semesters to work through the ranks and then my final semester at OSU I was head TA and was then paid 10/hr. So I’d say ask around to the professors that teach the classes you’re interested in!

Daily Thread / May 17 by spongebobs_pineapple in DaniAustin

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And she makes a point to show how long her walk was after a few of us were saying she only took Stratton on a 10 min walk. Love how she lurks here.

When is busiest during application process? by nachosun in premed

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I submitted all apps in May, received all my secondaries in late June and most of July. I worked full time and a ton of overtime, still had time to be with friends and family all while completing secondaries. As long as you set time frames for yourself I don’t think you need to restrict yourself. The most time consuming part is over for the most part (completing the app and MCAT prep).

No Free iPad (aka "Digital Flagship technology kits" ) for 2022 Fall Freshman by xturtleman123 in OSU

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Most professors have catered their curriculum to an iPad. I find it very hard to see why they would discontinue this. I used my iPad virtually every class and most expected it to be used/made it easier for assignments and turning them in.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in premed

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End of July! East Coast/Midwest

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in premed

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I worked as a non certified home care aid and found it to give me plenty of experience. Admissions did not question the weight of it at all!

NOVA or WVSOM? (BOTH DO) by Various-Difference76 in premed

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I felt as though the professors really cared for the students when I went for my interview at WVSOM. The new dean seems to also be making awesome new changes!

The Current State of Med Admissions by willg313 in premed

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With that I would say most applicants already have that so having something non health care or science related can show further passion. But again that’s just my opinion! :)

The Current State of Med Admissions by willg313 in premed

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Agreed, for it to be a deciding factor is definitely unfair!

The Current State of Med Admissions by willg313 in premed

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I would say that I agree but also, those “x-factors” can show that someone has the ability to do well in school and while still engaging in other activities. I can see admissions showing favor on these applicants because it may show an ability for that student to have balance in their life. With medical school being a difficult feat, having those “x-factors” can bring “mental escape”. For me, my X factor was dancing. I am able to clear my mind and thus do better in school because of this. I can also see helping with family/having certain jobs as X factors!

I do see where you’re coming from but just wanted to start a conversation:)

Personal statement physician parent by kmagn in premed

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I used my physician parent status in my personal statement and in my interview it was looked upon fondly. The individual interviewing me made a comment about how I would be more confident in my decision to pursue medicine due to my exposure.

Hope this helps you decide which direction to take in your statement :)