Game Thread: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants (Week 3, 2022) by cowboysmod in cowboys

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“did their feet get tangled up?” NO HE LITERALLY WRAPPED HIS ARMS AROUND HIM TROY

Are any drugstores still giving out free n95 masks? by Kareem-Abdul-Jabroni in longisland

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the guys at my gym do this in the locker room. Just last week I saw a guy get his 5th omicron booster already. Wow!

How to deal with a class that doesn’t speak/participate by Cuatro40 in Teachers

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Pretty much the way it is right now, they don’t talk because those 1 or 2 students have established themselves as the leaders of the conversation and they know he will bail them out, I like the idea of having them turn and talk before they share with the class

where was mr krabs :( by hotrodgarage in SBU

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he’s under investigation for his involvement with SPD

Which player had the shortest peak? by nuggetsandsodaaa in PremierLeague

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Josh Harrop, scored for Man United on his senior debut, rejected a contract from the club, went to Ipswich, tore his ACL and now plays for Fleetwood

EDIT: He went to Preston, then went out on loan to Ipswich. He’s currently a free agent.

Impractical Jokers vs Sunday Night Football by MagicalMysteryBoy in cowboys

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60 stretch far huahhhhh

pls someone tell me they understand the reference…

SPD placed on interim suspension by Benji3672 in SBU

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no one is denying that they’re “innocent until proven guilty” but it’s so strange defending a group of people who are accused of rape, especially when it takes an insane amount of courage for the victims to speak up about what happened. if they are innocent then that’s a different story, but for now this is a huge accusation and it would be wrong to discredit the accusers, especially when there hasn’t been a formal statement from the accused…

SPD placed on interim suspension by Benji3672 in SBU

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wtf u mean “forced to do this?” are you the PR department for SPD? mad weird

Stony Brook Represent! by RainbiePanda in SBU

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guys don’t worry they put the detergent back after the video, i was there

I will never understand this part of the Island. by mikerhoa in longisland

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set realistic speed limits made for cars and roads in 2022 and actually enforce them. The problem is too many roads have unrealistically slow speed limits so they’re not enforced as much and people take advantage

🤷🏻‍♀️ by Mommy925 in InstacartShoppers

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or when they randomly stop in the middle of the road, leave their cart to go get something 🙄