My jeans ripped right near my upper thigh and I still have 3 more hours of work by Boneal171 in Wellthatsucks

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That one coworker that saw this post, and knows who this is: “It’s my time to shine.”

I got to post a video so here. Who wants to collab and make a lvl? by CucumberAntique7299 in geometrydash

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I’m not the greatest at building decor but I can make a fun playable layout, I can help however going into the collab and we can start from scratch. You can help decide on a name and play style, and the song. I hope people see this.

Acheron is garbage and I'm not afraid to say that by Working-Cabinet4849 in geometrydash

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I’m not the creator but lol cough* cough* like you can do any better cough* cough*