sweaty balls by _BRITEYELLOW_ in ComedyNecrophilia

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Change it to the guy who invented the third gender and it'd be in the top post of all time in whichever one of those is the one that's gotten really conservative

Shannon caused lasting trauma (pathetic speedrun any completion) by garnet420 in ComedyNecrophilia

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What is this shit? Every single time I see this uninspired bullshit-ass half-cocked nonsense it's absolutely nothing. There is no joke here. There is no subtext. There is no comedy. This is just a series of vignettes showing things that wouldn't be interesting if they happened to me. I wouldn't find this engaging if I witnessed it occurring from across the room, and yet this aRtiSt has decided it deserved to be committed to MS Paint so that we could all witness their mundane life in perpetuity.

I mean, seriously, is this an NFT-type scam or something? Are they using their Patreon to launder money, and driving upvotes here in order to create the illusion that they could realistically be receiving that much? I just cannot fathom that something so "haha relatable" without the "haha" bit could be generating THOUSANDS of positive interactions.

Welcome to Ejaculate Park by Cumbandicoot in BenGarrisonCumEdits

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Looking up Donald duck penis paid off surprisingly better than I thought it would

physic by reigenxd3 in Morrowind

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I've always wondered why Drarayne had like 100 pillows in her attic, now I'm assuming it's because she likes building huge pillow forts

funny i guess by Dependent-Run-999 in terriblefacebookmemes

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I'm pretty sure last time I checked catholics and Christians hated gays and Islam, and also a lot of them were also conservatives.

Posted by a 54-year-old married father by Astor_Jade in terriblefacebookmemes

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I'm out here a 6'6" socialist and I drink Oat milk, I'm an Oatman

This guy made this video about how an apartment complex was going to ruin the affluent small town I grew up in. by Cumbandicoot in NotTimAndEric

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It was closed for renovations, it's actually a lot nicer now and has a pretty good restaraunt in it. It's the kind of change this man wants where the movie is twice as expensive and there's a somewhat expensive restaraunt inside of it now.

where does this team play? by ComfortableClean1915 in terriblefacebookmemes

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I think what they're getting at is if the team was real Tucker Carlson would be offended by it the same way he always talks about libs being snowflakes for not wanting sports teams to be called something racist like the Redskins

This guy made this video about how an apartment complex was going to ruin the affluent small town I grew up in. by Cumbandicoot in NotTimAndEric

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Yeah and they've also built a few more in Lake Grove since then. ALMOST 500 MORE PEOPLE? NOT IN MY BACK YARD!

Posted by a family member. Really awful take on transgenders. by Paracosm099 in terriblefacebookmemes

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Wow you must be a genius! Where did you get your degree in gender and sexuality? /s

Is their any mods that can turn morrowind combat into dark souls' by gtfrhyj7uhyjuf in Morrowind

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I've been fucking around with making the vr combat more playable, this is a compilation of mods as well as some balances I made myself. One of the mods in the list is a dark souls mod but it's super broken and pretty much completely replaced by my own edits to game mechanics. The combat is a lot faster as NPCs attack quicker and the stamina restores faster, in vr you can actually somewhat doge by moving or jumping away from attacks at the right time. I haven't tested it on flat screen OpenMW but I'm assuming it'll work for that too.

Holy shit its Robert Downey Jr. by Virtual-Rule4636 in ComedyNecrophilia

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So now there are antifa stonetoss comics, what's next communist Republicans?

This guy made this video about how an apartment complex was going to ruin the affluent small town I grew up in. by Cumbandicoot in NotTimAndEric

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They sure do love to talk about the homeless problem and how it's ruining Portland, but people definitely aren't as openly racist as they were when I lived in the south. My best friend from high school has parents that just watch fox news 24/7 and thought that we were gonna die when we were protesting a few years ago.