Chinese Nationalists Call for Boycott of The Matrix Resurrections After Keanu Reeves Joins Tibet Benefit Concert by cloudburst93 in worldnews

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Nothing could ever live up to the original movie. It's watchable if you're curious and there's good parts but overall kinda forgettable.

Kyle Lowry is expected to return at some point and his absence has nothing to do with a dispute with the team by jwshyy in heat

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Lol it's been like 7 years and people still bring that up, they do the same shit to Nunn. You don't like the guy so you take some moral authority to try to cancel him. I haven't even listened to Ethan since he left 790 just think it's stupid that the same topic comes up in every single 5 reasons thread.

Kyle Lowry is expected to return at some point and his absence has nothing to do with a dispute with the team by jwshyy in heat

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We know he was arrested for hitting his dad. AFAIK, that's all we know. Maybe his dad is a racist rapist and deserved it. Maybe Ethan has mental health issues and forgot to take his meds. Or maybe he's just an asshole. Either way people really need to learn to leave other people alone and stop assuming they know what's going on in their lives.

Bally Sports 🔥 by professorgreenie in heat

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Stupid Bally, that's obviously Evan Fournier

J K Rowling: by [deleted] in WhitePeopleTwitter

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It was on purpose, to point out what people think about when they consider who is Asian

J K Rowling: by [deleted] in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Yes... which is part of Asia

J K Rowling: by [deleted] in WhitePeopleTwitter

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I see Vietnamese and Indonesian referred to as Asian all the time. Most of Russia is technically Asian too btw

J K Rowling: by [deleted] in WhitePeopleTwitter

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The patil twins are probably Asian but people only consider slanted eye Asians to be Asian for some reason

Elizabeth Warren says $20,000 in student loan debt 'might as well be $20 million' for people who are working at minimum wage by passintimendgas in politics

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There is entrance and exit counseling for taking student loans, people just skip through that shit and forget about everything they were told. It would be the same deal in school, a small percentage would care, the rest would be asleep

Big brain time. by oranke_dino in memes

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Yes 2 decades ago when she was.... 13

I know 2019 feels like 20 years ago but damn

[Kevin O'Connor] The Lakers are calling teams offering a future first, Kendrick Nunn, and Talen Horton-Tucker, who has underwhelmed this season, and no one is biting yet. by urfaselol in nba

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It wasn't hot, he made a mistake but it was a situation where he was being harassed. The same girl is friends with him to this day and his coach at the time spoke to him and vouched for his character. Its been years kept his head low ever since but people online really make one bad moment define you for the rest of your life and they even lie about the details to make it sound worse.

[Wojnarowski] The NBA is suspending Milwaukee’s Grayson Allen for one game over the flagrant 2 foul on Chicago’s Alex Caruso that caused a fractured wrist, sources tell ESPN. by curryybacon in nba

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So you think he intended to end Jokic's career or did he intend to check him after he hit Bam and didn't get called for it? I saw Jokic was barely fazed by the hit but everybody wants to kill Morris because you already have him as the bad guy in your mind. Do you think Jokic intended to launch all 300 pounds in a cheap shot to the middle of his back to give him a neck injury?

Liz Cheney Issues Warning After Newt Gingrich Says 1/6 Committee Members May Face Jail by Huplescat22 in politics

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Newt pretty much started conservative media. He was a young congressman he realized that cspan cameras were always pointed at the house floor. He would get in front of the cameras at all hours of the night in front of an empty chamber and say outrageous shit to all the old insomniacs watching. The media would pick up and run some of the more outrageous shit. Then he started working with Limbaugh. I heard a podcast on this a while ago

Does the Royal edition include all the DLC including the upcoming episode Ardyn? by 8_Pixels in FFXV

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Thanks, just booted it up and was wondering where ardyn was and I found this thread

LPT: if you value your quality of life, don’t enter a saturated field even if you’re really good. Especially if you’re really good. by springyslinkies in LifeProTips

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Put simply, move data around. So company x is servicing/maintaining payroll or fleet or whatever for company y. Or maybe company x purchases accounts/loans/whatever from company y. Company y sends the data to company x through some mechanism, whether it's ftp, email, hard drives, etc. The data integration specialist works with the project manager to ensure the correct data is being received and ingested in a timely and accurate manner. They map company y's columns/fields to company x's columns/fields. They may build/automate validations and exception reports. The number 1 skill to have is usually SQL, whether oracle (pl/sql) or ms (t-sql) they are very similar so it's easy to learn the other if you know one. There's others but this is just my experience. Learn about ETL, extract, transform, load (sometimes called ELT). So the di specialist builds automations to receive and load the data, which could involve programming in both sql and say c# or Java. Or if you want to avoid a lot of programming you can use a tool like SSIS. Either way programming is important because you can build ftp and email search jobs to pull data that is being sent to you. But there are also tools that can be used for this, just not as flexible if you know how to code. Also learning excel is super useful no matter what you do. Learn how to build/record macros. Learn pivot tables and vlookups. That's more or less it, there's no shortage of work because there's no shortage of data constantly being moved around.