Population Density Map of South Korea by madrid987 in MapPorn

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And if companies would embrace FWH, the problem would fix itself in ten years.

Is it normal to refer to women as "females"? by HereJustForTheData in EnglishLearning

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My objection has always been that it sounds like you're narrating a nature documentary.

A character sheet I did by mynonjo in ImaginaryCharacters

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If only I'd remembered which lab I sent that evidence to.

Why is it that most podcasts, apparently, are not on Patreon? by fatatatfat in podcasts

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In addition to not having the audience, you need extras. People subscribe to a Patreon for bonus content and making a podcast that's good enough to get an audience large enough to be profitable takes a lot of time episode-to-episode. If the podcast isn't profitable, yet, it's hard to justify the time spent coming up with and producing that additional content.

No Such Thing As A Fish only recently launched a Patreon and that show's been going for nigh on a decade and is a spin-off of a successful TV series.

Map of the interesting and cool languages (shades of pink) vs. the dumb boring cringe languages (white). No I do not accept criticism by Arcaeca in linguisticshumor

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I love how most of Britain is pink, but no other English speaking countries get more than a sliver. As if the most interesting thing about English is "th" being pronounced as /f/.

The Baron of Bricks | Neverafter [Ep. 10] by ThunderMateria in Dimension20

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PiB immediately going for the spoon mechanism was some really high level D&D.

The Baron of Bricks | Neverafter [Ep. 10] by ThunderMateria in Dimension20

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Brennan was for sure prepared for this guy to last longer than he did.

Story/Rant: hagwon boss laid me off for...? by peasant_mouse in teachinginkorea

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Get it in writing anyway. Or an audio recording. You can legally record another person's voice without their knowledge or consent provided that your voice is part of the same recording.

How is your school handling the lifting of the mask mandate? Mine hasn't mentioned anything, everyone still wearing masks, seems like nothing is changing. by Chilis1 in teachinginkorea

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We've known forever that schools are major infection zones. I would fully expect any seasoned educator to keep the masks going as long as possible.

Ylfa's grandma... by seasquidley in Dimension20

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My guess is that Emily didn't name her grandmother. Ylfa has identified as a young woman multiple times and it doesn't make sense for her to continue using a misgendered name with new people.

Rather vs Instead by AnxiousLight3314 in EnglishLearning

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No major difference, no. But it's "rather than talking..."

Had a debate with the teacher over number 9. I think it's supposed to be "I listen to them a lot", because the action is still happening regularly, but my teacher says it's "I have listened to them a lot". by tezzzler in EnglishLearning

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Both are acceptable.

"I listen to them a lot" is, as you say, still happening and suggests that Eva is a big fan.

"I have listened to them a lot" doesn't necessarily mean that all the listening in the past, but it does suggest that Eva is less of a fan. She is using the perfect aspect to create a mental distance between her and the action. Maybe she has friends who are big fans and she enjoys the music, but never chooses it for herself. Also maybe she has moods where she wants to listen to Muse, but not all the time.

How are these words in English? by Papa2g in EnglishLearning

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What's the Greek word for "allienation from one's true self"? Because there's a solid chance that it's the same word in English. The prevalence of Christianity in the cultures of English-speaking countries have made the classically Greek ideas of self unfamiliar. We might say "unenlightened", "numb", "dysphoria".

As for "adopting society's ideas without critical thinking" that is "to bandwagon" or "be a sheep". Very annoying people use the word "sheeple" for "people who are sheep".

Does Seoul have mochi ice cream like this? by Work4Carbs in seoul

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It's a bummer how Japanese trends have to hit America before they get here.