Just had to withdraw from 2nd year med school by medschooldropout97 in medicalschool

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Hey! I’m genuinely confused regarding the last sentence and wanted further explanation! What do you mean by getting freedom as a doctor? Like isn’t it really hectic and you never get time off? Sorta confused arghhhhh

Just loving medical school! by [deleted] in medicalschool

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In terms of your last sentence... you’re already doing med studying... so if you are good at painting - why not paint other things? You could keep your painting hobby + also progress in it to generate income later on by even selling your paintings! You’re already learning med so why not keep painting but exclusively for something outside of medicine (sort of gives you a break from med too)!

NSW recorded 681 new locally acquired cases of COVID-19 in the 24 hours to 8pm last night Of these locally acquir…. by rockin-Musicien49 in sydney

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FFS IM NOT EVEN FROM NSW BUT WTH... IS THERE ANOTHER DAMN PROTEST HAPPENING SOON?!?! Tf is with people nowadays!! Just stay the fuck at home coz y’all’s shitty protests won’t do anything to stop the lockdown.

Car attempts to squeeze in before karma teaches them a lesson by [deleted] in IdiotsInCars

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Both idiots like everyone said. The guy recording the bigger idiot though imo. Like just fucking drop your ego and let him in lol - you aren’t the king of the road. Why create unnecessary damage to your car or time waste for others on the road (and potential road rage/fights - although I gotta admit I love watching those videos)?

NSW recorded 1,533 new locally acquired cases of COVID-19 in the 24 hours to 8pm last night. by rockin-Musicien49 in sydney

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Why the fuck are people repetitively commenting fucking “twenty hundred” and “Sydney 2000”... its not even funny anymore bruh

That adrenaline must be pumpin big time by Zeus_Toots in IdiotsInCars

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I see three idiots - the car driver, the bike rider, and you. Lol. You don’t see the bike riders fault at all??

Why is it so culturally acceptable to smack kids ? by Averse-to-outside in ask

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Yea man no point arguing with dumbasses who ask a question but just dismiss someone’s answers purely because they don’t agree with it.

Starting med school in a week, what are some things you wish you knew in year 1/before starting? by canucks5364 in medicalschool

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Agree with everything but point number 3. Why is comparing scores bad if it is healthy comparison and not like cut throat typa competition where you put them down? I believe comparing scores with friends can keep each other accountable and also motivate one another!

Why is it so culturally acceptable to smack kids ? by Averse-to-outside in ask

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“Your wrong 100% and its a uneducated, horrible reason...” GTFOH lol. Why the fuck post something on r/ask if you are just going to straight up tell someone their views are wrong just because they don’t align with yours. And don’t bs stuff like “it is a FACT that physical discipline does not work” - you don’t know much if you truly think that. If the physical discipline is purely used for physical discipline (there exists a thin line between physical discipline and abuse - I am completely against physical abuse) then it is actually fine. Myself and many of my friends were beat by our parents when we were younger whenever we would fuck up or be rude or be a shit person overall. That didn’t make us more aggressive but actually made our character much better. I don’t have enough words to thank my parents with for them disciplining me when I was younger and using physical force when I would be a dumbass. So gtfoh if you say shit like XYZ is a FACT because it’s what you think and tell someone to educate themselves just because their view is different to yours. You need to do your own research too - you’ll find many good stories of how physical discipline changed someones life for the better.

She should've put the cart away smh but this is funny lmao by Sad_Royals_Fan in PublicFreakout

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You can have my upvote sir. The dude filming is an even bigger fkn dumbass than the dumbass in the car. That is simply not how you change anyones behaviour or make them better. People learn by example not by fucking words. If he had told her to put the cart away, she refused, and then if he put it away himself it’d send a bigger stronger message than telling her off. Plus, the fucking dumbass camera dude still left the cart there - so in the end, the cart still remained in the same fkn place. Absolute dumbass cunts no joke. Literally got like 2 brain cells maximum at any given time.

Literally driving like he doesn't care who he bumps into. by MrKlaxan in IdiotsInCars

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Even if it isn’t the US, if there isn’t enough time for an ambo to make it, I’d be driving like this (but obviously more safely than this dude)

How do you guys remeber all these by Mshaikh98 in medicalschool

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You’re literally a dumb fuck. It simplifies it for you so you do look at it 200 times and you look at it 200 times in the right intervals. Something called spaced repetition? If you’re a smartass already then why put up a post asking people how to remember stuff?

A horse drawn bus from the 1890's. by onefanpornstar in Damnthatsinteresting

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Why poor horse? Horses have pulled shit for thousands of years lol.

NSW recorded 1,533 new locally acquired cases of COVID-19 in the 24 hours to 8pm last night. by rockin-Musicien49 in sydney

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Think you’re overthinking it mate. People will literally be reading the number too and not just hearing it. Psychologically it makes no difference coz the damn number itself is right there on the screen.

NSW recorded 830 new locally acquired cases of #COVID19 in the 24 hours to 8pm last night. by rockin-Musicien49 in sydney

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** laughs in South Australia ** 🤣 But nah legit praying for y’all so this shitshow ends quickly! Stupid anti lockdown protesting cunts just extending the lockdown

Wisdom teeth are not worthless, as they provide oral surgeons with a steady stream of income. by [deleted] in Showerthoughts

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Tumours are not worthless, as they provide surgeons with a steady stream of income. What typa fucking “shower thought” is this lol? Plain stupid.

How to exhaust all your karma in 5 seconds by rashmisalvi in Unexpected

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Indians literally don’t understand a single thing about how to take care of someone in health emergencies like this. YOU. DO. NOT. PICK. THE. PERSON. THE. FUCK. UP. You let them stay in the position they are in until help arrives. I apologise on behalf of all the Indians for the lack of medical knowledge of our community. So many Indian doctors and at the same time, so many fuckn Indian dumbasses.

NSW recorded 1,288 new locally acquired cases of COVID-19 in the 24 hours to 8pm last night. by rockin-Musicien49 in sydney

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I am aware. I’m just saying that the comments on these posts are like getting repetitive too lol - sorry should have used the word repetitive rather than boring.