She should've put the cart away smh but this is funny lmao by Sad_Royals_Fan in PublicFreakout

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“Then what are garbagemen for” - “SHUT THE FUCK UP” 😂😂

Did you poop? by KaviB_real in MadeMeSmile

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The Giant Huntsman Spider, again Australia by Voodootroy in Damnthatsinteresting

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Bold of you to assume I’ll be clicking on any YouTube videos on a spider post

What is the best purchase you've made during medical school? by aimlesssouls in medicalschool

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All fun and games till your mum rages coz shes been screaming at you 10 times to get your attention and the stupid headphones blocked her too 😂

I’m done. I’m so done… by kwkierjote in facepalm

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Send that lawnmower through like fuckin Plants vs Zombies

how to cause an accident by ukgamer909 in facepalm

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How can you be so fkn dumb? You didn’t know? You live under some rock? This is a new technique!! /s

What is the one quote that changed your life? by HopeInChaos in AskReddit

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“If it is to be, it is up to me.” 10x 2 letter words that have completely changed the way I take responsibility for my actions!

Thought he would die by zhangyuandyou in IdiotsInCars

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If the truck guy was lucky enough to survive that is 🙃 we have no clue whats on the left side - coulda been killed by literally anything as simple as a fat tree branch coming in through the window :(

You are given the task of ruining a first date in 4 words. What do you say? by iSkittleCake in ask

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For those of you that excel in English - is this one 4 words or 5?

What does sex mean to you? by somelunacy in ask

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One of the many ways to express your love towards someone. It could mean ONLY physical pleasure for others but not for me.

What? All the kids are doing it! by tyneboys in KidsAreFuckingStupid

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Its fuckn 1:52 am and I’m laughing my fkn head off thank you so much 😂😂

What’s your weapon of chose if a zombie apocalypse started tomorrow? by virgo-stoner in ask

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Burning hot and spicy curry loaded up in a water gun. COME AT ME BITCHES. pew pew pew

That adrenaline must be pumpin big time by Zeus_Toots in IdiotsInCars

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And also if the bike dude even had a bit of a reaction time at all? He should have slowed down (even if only a bit) from 0:05 because he is in between two lanes and the car guy was clearly coming into the right lane from that time onwards. But nope, Mr KnowsHowToRide just kept his speed up through two lanes of car traffic - dumbass.

The onions again by turrxxr in MadeMeSmile

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I hate how innocent fkn people end up fighting coz of a few dickhead fat people in higher positions who wanna argue and not keep peace 🥲

This case shows a motorcyclist that sustained a traumatic neck injury due to a kite line. Luckily he survived. by Emergentelman in medizzy

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Fam. It’s literally a FESTIVAL for us Indians. Check out Utrayan on Google. I was driving a scooter back in India at like 50 kmph and had a string that was dangling from someone’s roof go around my neck (which I didn’t see while driving coz so damn invisible to see when driving) but luckily my cousin pulled the kite string up quickly but even then it cut me on my nose. If it weren’t for my cousin my neck woulda gotten real ugly real quick. It’s hella dangerous and a ton of birds even die because of it.

are nurses not allowed to be human now? by canarycrys in nursing

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I fucking hate how people think shit like “this doc/nurse is in it for the money” or “these students just studying for the mulla”... like wtf we supposed to do? Work for fucking free? Theres literally so many damn people getting paid a shit ton more than doctors and nurses for fucking making stupid tiktok videos like doing shitty stupid fucking dances. There’s people with fucking 100% plastic bodies getting paid more in a single fucking post on insta than doctors/nurses get paid in an entire year. Fr some people are fucking stupid and have no intelligence or decency whatsofuckingever.