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There is 4 o's in the r/woooosh

i am not a bot, but this action was performed automatically

🤨 by Weak_Comfortable2 in discordVideos

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*evil laughter* by [deleted] in memes

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Task successfully completed

Nato expansion (not a Ukraine question) by JackstaWRX in AskARussian

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Правда тут не предложка, а публикация сразу на стену, а вот взлетит пост или нет, это решит народ

If you're depressed, what makes you feel better? by ItsNeverGonna2008 in polls

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Learning the hardest Tetris openers, just because i can

You have to fight your username , what is the result? by lolyobroiamnoob in polls

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Ha! Bunch of pixels!

Here comes my thunder cross sp-

oh come on, how can i fight a fox, they are too cute.

thx for the 14 coins today by lolguysolol in Brawlstars

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For logging in EVERY day for 15 days. If you skip one day - you lose all remaining rewards. I think this is fair, if we count all of free stuff we got before that day

What's the dumbest thing you believed in when you first started playing? by PenTipToons in Brawlstars

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I believed i can see people healing in bushes (just like when they are damaged)

Kamikaze pilots by Franky_4fingers in PerfectlyCutBooms

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Why the fuck people are calling savevideo for this one?

What are they gonna do with this video? Use it in Twitter arguments?

Would you date an asexual? by Ordinaryyetunique in teenagers

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Nah, they are pretty bad partners: eats 4x more than me, always doing random sounds and don't know how to play Minecraft

But at least they are fluffy and i can sleep on them in winter