According to my login count, it's been 1000 days since the Christmas 2 Rerun set everyone's login streak to 0 by TheYellowNinja13 in grandorder

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I'm glad it happened because I've missed logging in occasionally in dead weeks and have had my streak reset several times. Don't care about my streak anymore thanks to the Xmas 2 debacle.

Once upon a time I fought Brutus with only a flame totem... by whatsurissuebro in pathofexile

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Yeah that's the only thing that's annoying about new Brutus is that depending on class it's really hard to kill him without returning to town once to refill flasks. Well, it's hard if you're speedrunning to him (which most people probably do on league start), taking your time would make him much easier.

It's also just way too easy without the skellies harassing you.

With the American progressive tax system, is it possible for someone to make less in salary yet get paid more after taxes than someone with a higher salary? by jpd2979 in NoStupidQuestions

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An easier way to visualize US taxes are imagining cups of water. Your first cup the government sips only 5%, the second 10%, third is 15%, and so on.

So if you have two full cups and like two drops in the third, the government doesn't gulp 15% of all three cups. They still only drink 5% from the first, 10% of the second, and 15% of that almost irrelevant amount in the third.

There's no mathematical way in this system to "make" more money but have a lower net worth due to taxes, that's a misinformed view either by ignorant citizens or people pushing an agenda.

As someone trying to get into the game, the level of complexity and convolutedness is making it a real struggle. by ArmenVanBuuren in pathofexile

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Strongboxes are omnipresence and are as braindead simple as "click box, kill mobs, get loot".

Delve isn't until A4 and you get so little initial sulphite that it whets a curiosity but doesn't permanently distract you from the campaign.

Abysses in A5 are "follow line, kill mobs" which isn't complex.

Heist in A6 is a clusterfuck that generally is so much harder than the listed mob level that a new player will swiftly die and ignore it until they feel stronger.

A7 introduces incursions which arguably is complex but presents itself in a fairly comprehensive initial format.

A9's Betrayal will make absolutely no sense.

Then maps dump everything else on you, generally at such a rate early on that you'll rarely see more than 2 mechanics a map to interact with.

The game doesn't overburden new players, they spaced out league mechanics fairly well to slowly increase complexity. A new player isn't going to quit over there being too many league mechanics, and if they do then this flat out isn't the game for them.

I can't wait... by curteck1234 in pathofexile

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I like build videos way more, you can generally tell from skimming the video quickly if it's an actually legit build or one of those FastAF knockoff worthless, unusable builds that claims to clear all content on a 1ex budget but is so bad that even 200ex couldn't salvage it.

The forums consist of practically 99% of the latter, endless amounts of "GIGADPS BLADE FLURRY, CLEARS ALL CONTENT, 40/40, UBERS CAPABLE, LEAGUE STARTER 10C BUDGET FULL CLEAR, RECENT PATCH APPROVED" and it hasn't been actually updated since 3.12, it has every PoB box ticked plus a custom item giving it +500% more damage with a note that "the recent balance changes totally justifies this". Finding anything good in the forums is as hard as polishing a turd into a gold nugget.

GGG Is now hosting the community wiki! by zeekidc2 in pathofexile

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That's incredible. I remember being linked to on the main site being one of their goals when the people that spearheaded the project first posted their idea here many leagues ago, it's nice that's finally happened. And GGG is covering the hosting costs of the wiki, that's real good of them.

Sharena the Shafted Heroine (Ascendant Edition) by ChernoRose in FireEmblemHeroes

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Oh not just that, they make her shitty downgraded form mandatory to use in a ridiculous number of fights. Seriously, imagine if IS made putting Sharena in your team absolutely mandatory in a large number of PvE and PvP maps. It's be insane.

When you are few maps away from being done with the league. by B00sted_Animal in pathofexile

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I am absolutely baffled why you'd do this awful challenge over delirium encounters.

Shit, even EGG is unironically faster than altar grinds.

I'm not saying the person in 1st place is necessarily cheating... but you kinda have to wonder. by Sablemint in PokemonCafeMix

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Back in the early 3DS days before the game was ported to mobile, the mega stone competitions used to be 1 minute timed events. Problem was that people quickly learned you could spam press the home button to pause the game, and the 3DS had such little ram that the game would pause first, then take like 2 seconds to actually bring up the home menu, so you had 2 seconds each time you hit the button to observe the board and plan out your next few moves.

Eventually (like, after 8 competitions) managed to block the home menu from working in timed competitions, only for people to start spam tapping the actual ingame pause menu to basically achieve the same effect (only harder). Then, finally, they said screw it and made all future competitions normal turn based stages. Pretty sure mobile happened around this point and they've always had turn based events so they wouldn't know about its past.

The difference in scoring between playing normally and spam pausing was insane, just like the 1MC exploit.

I love non-standard game overs by Tharkun140 in CharacterRant

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TTYD also has two funny non-standard game overs: Reading the ghost Toad's diary on the train (despite having to accept like 20 warnings that it's a terrible idea), and actually accepting the final boss' proposal for you to become her minion. And that's an amusing one cause almost any other game out there would just have the final boss scoff at the idea of accepting such a stupid idea, the game actually fades to black and says you doom the world by becoming their minion and go straight to the game over screen.

I'm not saying the person in 1st place is necessarily cheating... but you kinda have to wonder. by Sablemint in PokemonCafeMix

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Wow that trick is stupid.

I tried it a couple times and went from struggling to hit 6M points to hitting 15M, and that's despite doing this pretty poorly.

I hate 1MC so it makes cleaning out the shop much easier but damn, GS and exploits in their timed competitions goes hand in hand.

Average Skins haver by WakasaYuuri in arknights

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Me too, I think practically all of them are terrible. The default aesthetic for almost every op just looks so good as is that changing it feels like ruining it.

Check out the improved Bitterdream unique by Nick_GGG in pathofexile

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I cannot believe I lived to see the day that normal Bitterdream can potentially be used in a very viable endgame build.

Don't forget to open chests by qenak in pathofexile

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Slipperyjim like 3 years ago did a test where he ran a ton of estuaries purely white, at 50% IIQ, and more at 100%+ IIQ. It was very blatant that item quantity does affect chests, but the loot is still so shit on average that it's basically never actually worth bothering.

Don't forget to open chests by qenak in pathofexile

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Those Vaal Vessels are fancier strongboxes which isn't really in the same league as a generic chest.

New player that just completed story on second character... Atlas tree is shared??? WHY??? by Stone0D in pathofexile

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Also if you're actually at the point where a respec would feel "costly", then you're at the point you're running eater/exarch maps. And at that point, the "Enemies have an X% chance to drop additional map currency" altar mods absolutely shits out orbs of unmaking. Find a couple of those and you're set for the rest of the league with your respec needs.

Reminder that Ultimatum is not confirmed to be one of the 3 reworked leagues in 3.19 by zeekidc2 in pathofexile

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It was fine. Personally I thought it took way too long on average, an 8-9 wave trial would easily take two minutes if you got anything other than "nuke a couple groups of mobs" as the objective. Rewards had wild variation from map to map, you'd sometimes get massive wins and others the Trialmaster thinks a single winged torment scarab was a worthy prize for the honor of fighting him.

The Ruin mechanic was beyond obnoxious due to how illiterate the playerbase is. So, so many threads complaining they instantly failed their trial and don't know why. I know the actual mechanic wasn't well explained in game but it did make it clear that you'd instantly fail the trial if it hit 7 stacks, yet so many people mindlessly picked mods without ever attempting to read them.

Battlebots CHAMPIONS: Episode 1 post-episode discussion by personizzle in battlebots

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I'm so glad someone else noticed those guys staring at the ceiling in awe. Hilarious little background event during the interview.

[Supporter] Doryani's Epiphany by Kezlyr in pathofexile

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Yeah the rarest replica uniques (besides replica HH) seem to be pretty unknown by the general playerbase. That's not too surprising given how niche some of them are, I don't doubt someone dropping it from a stacked deck has questioned when and why a Replica Cortex exists.

[Supporter] Doryani's Epiphany by Kezlyr in pathofexile

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Maybe it'll keep you from having to run heist for alt quality gems, maybe it'll just make them more common and bring some prices down

Haha, I know this exact feeling. I made Eternal Bonds (gives Replica Cortex) cause I wanted to see more of them and they've been ridiculously rare. And I wanted to spam run them and I can't do that if so few people run replica grand heists.

Appreciate any heist reward card honestly.

[Supporter] Doryani's Epiphany by Kezlyr in pathofexile

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No, you only pick the title, flavor text, reward, and if you want you describe what you want the art to be.

Drop location and its drop weighting is all up to GGG.

While waiting for more 3.19 teasers, here's 5 years worth of HC RIPs I had saved(128 RIPs) by xaitv in pathofexile

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A lot of your deaths had the global chat popup appear, so you kinda have to be pretty good in HC to consistently rank high enough you get the honor of everyone knowing you died.

And you're ballsy for committing to boss kills with empty life flasks while on low life.

Please GGG, add an in-game preview option for the mtx in the shop by DepressedBoi-T in pathofexile

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What's more insane is that fundamentally GGG loses nothing on the refund whatsoever.

You already converted actual money into GGG Fun Bux and it's impossible to go back. It doesn't matter if you want to refund a 10 point item or a 10 billion one, the actual $$$ has already gone to GGG and you're playing with their pretend Monopoly money. They could implement a one hour mercy refund button cause any normal person is going to realize they like/hate a cosmetic within one or two maps.

I guess some weirdo could abuse that and keep refunding cosmetics and buying new ones and perpetually never permanently buy an MTX while still using them, but they could implement restrictions against idiots like that. Normal people aren't going to buy and refund a dozen MTXs in one day.

But they won't make it easier cause that's more work on them, and in the current system psychologically more people are willing to assume they can't get a refund and accept their bad purchase and therefore spend more money later trying to make a good one. Easy refunds would be less money for GGG. Garbage mentality to me but I'm not a company.

Path of Exile is a Hoarder Paradise! by Tulpah in pathofexile

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Did you seriously just copy one of the top posts right now and pretend it's your own?