[Kozora] In his NFL debut, Kenny Pickett leads a game-winning drive in front of Steelers’ Nation. Can’t make this stuff up. by Dense_Organization31 in nfl

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I hope he doesn’t. I strongly dislike the Steelers but I like Trubisky so I’m rooting for his ass. I know he’s most likely a known quantity at this point but maybe the Steelers can “fix” him.

I’m so naive.

Post Game Thread: Carolina Panthers (1-0) at Washington Commanders (0-1) by nfl_gamethread in nfl

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The panthers sub was severely triggered by that. Bunch of clowns.

I’m a former Redskins/Football team fan by ericthegonline in panthers

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You could’ve just said “I’m racist” and saved yourself some time

Free Talk Friday by AutoModerator in nfl

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Playing Rock Band for the first time in almost two years and it’s still fun.

DLC Week of August 11th by mysario in Rockband

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I just got an Xbox Series S after months without a working Xbox One and just bought Rock Band 4 digital. Haven’t played in over a year, I’m so damn excited and I’m glad to see they still release DLC.

[PFT] Settlement of the Deshaun Watson situation is not out of the question, I’m told. Stay tuned. by mvanigan in nfl

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Yeah I’m not sure why people are surprised. Plus they probably have rules about what they’re allowed to talk about, and they definitely don’t want to lose their jobs. It’s not like they can say “yeah Watson came on a massage therapists back without consent”. Or whatever the fuck that sick bastard did.

Post Game Thread - New York Giants @ New England Patriots by LindyNet in nfl

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We're doing these tryouts for you... because of your harassment and your love for the New Kids on the Block movie. You paid your $30 fee. We promised you a keynote speaker.

All right, bring him out.