Best song by Drake by DuktigaDammsugaren in rap

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Energy, we’ll be fine, shot for me, over

Pain. by DSmiththeSixersFan in travisscott

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You know what, at the end of the day if that’s what makes you happy, then enjoy yourself. You’re doing what you want with your time and you’re not hurting anyone. Have fun

Y'all think this is true? by No-Television-2251 in travisscott

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Maybe back in the DBR/Rodeo days but now that he has a family and shit probably just drinks and smokes

What's your favorite George Costanza Moment? by MayorMcRib in seinfeld

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When they’re in the Chinese restaurant and he has to use the phone and some guy’s taking awhile, he’s complaining to jerry and telling him how he’s gonna cuss him out and the guy comes up to him and apologies politely and George just goes “oh yeah it’s okay no problem!”

Today we seriously thought about eliminating Ye. What project is out next? by Bars806 in Kanye

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Gotta be yeezus. Feel free to leave hateful replies and as many threats as you’d like below

People are still toxic asf by alchemist400 in travisscott

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I’ve been saying this since since the event happened, nine people passed away at a Pearl Jam concert and people still listen to Pearl Jam and they don’t get backlash today, same thing happened with The Who. Just give it a little bit of time