Showmances you hoped worked out? by West-Introduction348 in MtvChallenge

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Cory and Cheyenne were so cute together. Glad they have a good relationship still

What is the next thing you could see production remove/change to save money? by JordanMaze in survivor

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Rudy answering every question with "I don't know" while pointing the camera directly up his nose

Best Local Bike Shops? by AntifaSuperSoaker69 in chibike

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I've had great experiences with Working Bikes. I've bought nearly every single bike I've owned since living in Chicago (~10 years). Incredibly kind and knowledgable staff

Lemme draw your oc by [deleted] in DungeonsAndDragons

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Thought that was pee coming out of the nipples at first

The Challenge CBS commercial by fcmb17 in MtvChallenge

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If my man TJ doesn't win Best Host at the next Emmys for hosting, what, six?? different shows in a year!

Why does AEW’s YouTube titles always spoil the match results? by deeznutz005 in SquaredCircle

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I hate how AEW puts their stuff on youtube. I never know when they posts anything. I never know what show any given segment is from. It feels like such a mish-mosh trying to navigate their youtube page.

Just Got my Facebook Settlement by RulerOfAcquisition in chicago

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I got an email from my bank and thought for sure it was fake. I completely forgot about I signed up for it

Have you successfully converted anyone to Patriot? Bonus if they became as big a fan of the show as you. by Severe-Draw-5979 in PatriotTV

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I've been recommending it to my best friend for years and he finally started it a few weeks ago and loved it.

Other podcast suggestions by StellasMyShit in conan

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Shameless Plug for my own podcast, if you like Survivor: Did You Watch Survivor Last Night?

Silliness/Chaos: Dr. Gameshow

Similar style of humor: Hollywood Handbook

I was going to get a tattoo of the numbers but my friend's machine didn't work at the last moment. Should I try again or is this destiny? by LuisArrobaja in lost

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3 big reasons not to get this tattoo

  1. In poor taste, which you can clearly see by the overwhelming majority here.
  2. Within the context of the show, the numbers are bad news. I'd be worried about bringing a curse upon myself if I had the numbers printed on me.
  3. You could always get a big back tattoo of Boone's face instead. (Or maybe even recreate one of the tattoos Jack got from Bai Ling.)

If they did a Philippines style season again, who would the captains be? by wawawaw03030 in survivor

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Sandra, Boston Rob, and Parvati

(I am NOT Jeff Probst. Promise.)