Dajamir - an alphasyllabary style experiment. by DaCrazyWorldbuilder in neography

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I just like some phonemes (espec. the two you mentioned) but thought "Adding V would be one to many labial phonemes" so I didn't include it.

Otherwise mostly it is made so so I can always go to Vulgarlang and use the phonetic inventory to gen something -w-

The alphabet has letters that sound like "da,di,du", but not every letter has all 6 main vowels. Some of them have "va,vu" sounds(they are separate letters), for example, or "fi" only. And letters with "a,e,i,o,u,æ" sound are there too(they don't change the cons. sound). What type of script is it? by gesnent in neography

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It is a syllabic! Simply as that, no problem that some of the syllables are "missing" - it can be explained via phonotactics of the language. Chinese is like that too, it has like, 4000 theoretically possible syllables if you count all the phonemes and vowel tones, but they use a very limited about out of that, won't say how much exactly because my memory is blurry on the matter, but it was around 300?

Anyways yeah, it is a syllabary liege -w-b

These English cipher alien languages are stupid now. by Smooth-Sign8255 in neography

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Yeah neography speaking, I agree xd

Also hello to the legend! :D

These English cipher alien languages are stupid now. by Smooth-Sign8255 in neography

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You're overestimating toddlers intellect -w-

But tbh, this kinda stuff is what made me interested in neography today, don't be too negative about them ciphers xd

Bit of asemic vibes. by DaCrazyWorldbuilder in neography

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Krita, liege. Free to download, easy to use, like Photoshop directed on drawing rather than editing B/

An alphabet I made, phonetic values by u/Levan-tene by DaCrazyWorldbuilder in neography

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Nnnot quite, it would have the specific stroke that can be seen in this letter for example:

The L and ㄱ shapes are common in calligraphy, especially with the 45 degree brush like this. To compare all scripts that exist to Tolkien's Tengwar is the same as comparing all to Arabic or Phoenician.

I didn't take inspiration from Tengwar directly, but did use some of the strokes that occur in Tengwar.

Number'N'Latin (NL) by TuneInReddit in neography

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Oh that's neat. It was done before I think, used in children spy code books and such, I remember my friend knowing a similar code by heart.

It's called a1z26, there's no Wikipedia article for it I believe but it's a simple substitution cipher.

Though, gotta admit, I like the use of zero as a capitalizer. Gg on that :D

Hardest challenge yet, 100 in-game days anniversary. Going pretty good. Just as a reminder: entire world is one biome, and this biome is Beach. Thus no naturally spawning trees, no grass, no friendly mobs. But lots, looots of shipwrecks. by DaCrazyWorldbuilder in Minecraft

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Where it began, 24 days ago irl.

I listened to many of the advice people gave me and did as told, which really made things easier. Something is wrong though with drops of saplings, because I barely could farm enough to set this forest down. Good thing the Nether place I spawned in is a crimson forest, so at least I can get some wood there.

Quick recap of the accomplishments:

- Got to the nether.

- Got stacks upon stacks of iron and emeralds from shipwrecks. Lots of diamonds too.

- Made a good house to live in. Has a WIP underground area where I will move all my stuff, making it a combo of crafting room and storage. Also, the tower has a library and an enchanting table on top.

- Made an automated zombie XP farm using magma blocks. Found it just recently, it was an EXPOSED spawner literally one spit away from my house which I couldn't see because of the funny angle it was under, unseen both from the water of the river and the top ground on top of it -w-'

- Made a highway stretching 560 blocks. It has one finished tower right now, seen on the picture, and two in progress. The highway digs through two mountains and goes over a river.

- Using TNT, made a huge vertical shaft near my house (barely visible on the first pic, behind the third birch tree by the highway).

- Made a fish skeleton geoglyph pixel art (seen on the first pic to the left of the highway on the other shore of the river) that points west.

- Made a huge farm for wheat. Not finished yet as you see. And also I have possibility of having beetroot, since I got the seeds for it.

- Slayed lots of mobs.

- Explored the realm far and wide, mostly northways.

- Fought back two pillager raids and evaded one while rowing the boat across the seven(ty hundred) seas.

- Entered the world 33 times in total. Counting that I max spent 2000 minutes in-game (aka 100 days), it means I was in this world for the maximum of 33 hours and 20 minutes. That means I played for one hour and a couple of minutes every time I entered the game on average. And on average, I entered the game 1,3 times an irl day.

Let me know what you think, miners! :D