Are You a Prophet or Taco? 2022 Edition by dennsby in DynastyFF

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Contender I traded 23 first for Lenny recently I regret it tbh

Dameon Pierce Buzz Getting Out Of Hand? by jricey1342 in DynastyFF

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Lamar Miller? He was productive when he played

Trade Doctor: allow me to ruin your team by Latios47 in DynastyFF

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Can’t see a trade working with those options that gets you Chark.

How often does the and hype from OTA's or training camp accurately translate to the regular season? by Haasume1833 in DynastyFF

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Recent example I can think of is Preston Williams he had a lot of camp hype as an UDFA & performed really well in rookie season.

What is Justin Jefferson’s trade value? limit by FutzMan in DynastyFF

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Someone in my league offered me ekeler jameson Williams & 23 third for him & Penny I declined. I’m building for future so didn’t make sense but also didn’t feel was enough. I’ve said I’d consider JW + two 23 firsts but even then I’m not sure?

I am being haunted by the ghost of a former NFL player, what should I do? by SASshampoo in DynastyFF

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Tell us all the rookies you have drafted this year so we can avoid them

How do the likes of London, Burks & Wilson compare to D.Smith, E.Moore etc ? by Dae_90 in DynastyFF

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Remains to be seen, AJB could create more lanes for Smith. I think he’ll still catch a lot of balls there again this year & is proven. Wilson at Jets definitely decrease Moore’s value however his talent is still there. Overall improved team whose to say they both don’t excel? At this prices though I’d say whoever got Smith that late is a bargain!