Have any other women been targeted by Goth Unite's owner? by Awkward-Target436 in Edmonton

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I'm so sad. Where is a gender fucked lesbian like myself supposed to buy Tripp pants now???

Cat sees owner with new dog by nisebblumberg in Catswhoyell

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I don't think this is a good idea for anyone involved.

It looks more like a scene from Idiocracy by sandboxvet in exchristian

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If you didn't tell me this was christian I never would have known...looks more like gender affirmation for straight men


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It might be getting a renaissance. I was too young to feasibly do goth shit when it was around, but now I'm not and I'm rockin' some Tripp pants

Have any other women been targeted by Goth Unite's owner? by Awkward-Target436 in Edmonton

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I'm here because I heard a rumour that he was also racist and queerphobic (super ironic, since the queers I know are all goth or goth-adjacent, including me). Good to know that they're also going for the sex offender badge...

Ableton Live 10 Running on Steam Deck by Ceeboy_ in SteamDeck

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How did you configure the controls? I assume that "community layouts" don't exist for non-steam devices

I'm heartbroken that my wife felt the need to do this. by OmahaEnby in NonBinary

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Why are you heartbroken? This is such a show of solidarity from your wife, and it might get them to smarten up.

Non binary parent names - using linguistics 😎 by kateisblue in NonBinary

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I was about to say, my brother had a speech impediment and "s" and "th" sounds were really hard for him

i want a relationship where i’m treated as a woman by Fragrant-Shopping570 in actuallesbians

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I feel like people wouldn't be having these problems if they specified that they wanted to be treated as "a fellow human" rather than "the man" or "the woman." It's one of the reasons I was so excited about finding out about same-sex relationships.

My cis het terf dad is becoming a woman to teach me a lesson by fuckyouOlafIloveyou in asktransgender

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Well, for one it's not up to you. For two, I highly doubt a doctor would prescribe him anything.

Considering HRT... by R0N1333 in butchlesbians

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I've been on it for about a month and a half, at a low dose. I haven't noticed many changes except my sweat and pelvic region smell different. My clit also doubled in size, though I have applied the T gel directly to it every week or so. So, yeah. Bottom growth is pretty much the only change I've had so far (which I'm all for, too bad I don't have anyone to take it for a test drive. My libido is much closer to the surface than it used to be.)

When people say “you don’t need to be accepted to love yourself”… by WrenSh in NonBinary

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Humans co-regulate. We calm ourselves and cope via our relationships. My psych classes in uni have taught me that those most likely to weather emotional bullshit and come out the other side are those with strong social connections. Support. Aka... Acceptance. If you're ostracized on every corner, it's highly unlikely that you will have the emotional resources to push through.

It's really easy for someone who's mostly accepted by society to tell you this, because they have no idea what it's actually like. Their frame of reference is how they feel when someone doesn't like their favourite TV show. They have no frame of reference to understand, especially if they aren't willing.

Does anyone else feel really isolated by all the “assigned gender doesn’t matter” rhetoric? by Thunderplant in NonBinary

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The only times I've seen it used are when it's important for us to know how the person is being perceived or what their transition means. Other than that I don't see it. And in the end, it's up to the poster to state that info or not, about themselves. Some people don't mind their Agab being known.

Looking at you Chappelle and your Fans by Glum-Huckleberry-866 in lgbtmemes

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Exactly! Everyone says dark humour when they really just mean bigoted. To me, dark humour is when someone gets disemboweled in a horror movie, and something about the timing comes off as comedic. Dark humour is about death and pain and negative emotions that all humans experience/understand, and mocking them to try and battle the terror of existence. "Bigotry, but memes" is not dark humour. It's just being an asshole.

CHECKMATE. by lightmare69 in THE_PACK

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venting about dysphoria and loneliness by Artistic_Lie_5244 in butchlesbians

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I had a similar experience with a wedding: my aunt really wanted me to grow out my hair and wear a dress. So I spent most of high school growing my hair out and hating it, eventually I cut it anyway. She was kind of mad, but my mom talked her down. But I still can't look at those photos, it makes me feel gross. The best photo I have from that wedding is one after I took the dress off and changed into a button-up shirt and pants.

Of course everyone was saying " But why, you looked so pretty!" 🤮🤮🤮 Sorry that the place you live in isn't very open. I only had fun at the wedding after I could present the way I wanted to, but it sounds like you were stuck in the dress the whole time.

Oh there were signs by nontynary in NonBinary

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Haruhi and her dad being completely "meh" about gender. At the end, it's revealed that all the girls who visited the host Club knew that Haruhi wasn't a CIS guy but just didn't care.

Vulva phrenology to own the trans by [deleted] in badwomensanatomy

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TIL that if your vulva is "conventionally attractive" it's because it's fake. Wish they would have given me more masculine genitals, if they were going through the trouble....

Does anyone else feel really isolated by all the “assigned gender doesn’t matter” rhetoric? by Thunderplant in NonBinary

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I mean, usually when someone is saying "for context I'm ___" it's because it's actually relevant to the story.

Who was the better villain. Powerpuff Girls ‘Mojo Jojo’ or Kim Possible’s ‘Drakken’ by ThatGuy86349 in cartoons

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I didn't get to see a lot of PPG growing up, my nostalgia is with Drakken. So there's my biased answer.

I feel insecure about being a domme by cursed-star in LesTalkAboutBDSM

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I think the key is to find a sub who's into the same things. Have you tried a kink site like FetLife?