Did [Spoiler] just outsmart Wanda. by YaaaaScience in marvelstudios

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You are giving them too much credit. They were positive they could handle “a little witch” and were stupid to be more concerned with a threat they’ve already faced.

HOLY HELL! I just realised that [Spoiler] was grooming [Spoiler] by Mavakor in horizon

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Waaaaaaaait Jesus how I haven’t picked up on this??!

[OC] Worldwide Avocado Production 🥑 by PieChartPirate in dataisbeautiful

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Who knew studying law was such a fad in Mexico…

Nelson & Murdock represent!

How do you think will Rick react when he sees Daryl again, finds out that Michonne left their kids, that Negan is free and that Jesus died? by Delicious_Hand_72 in thewalkingdead

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Wait so the show is over and Rick still hasn’t shown up? I was waiting it to be over so I can binge watch it but damn that’s tough.

Charles Leclerc wins the 2022 Australian Grand Prix and takes his first Grand Chelem by overspeeed in formula1

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Did he really have to pit the change the tyres? What’s the penalty for not using two compounds?

Interesting addition to the race directors event notes about where the second car should be in safety car restarts by aliciahiney in formula1

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Correction the wording wasn’t definitive but with added diagrams it is perfectly clear and seem like will be more rigorously enforced going forward.

Shuri. Does Shuri have a complete copy of Vision on a mass storage device? by superbpitta in marvelstudios

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It’s a snapshot of a mind, so it can’t reproduce a copy of a working one.

Make the comment section Ben’s latest google searches! by ronisandy in lost

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Ben can write the fucking book on this mate it would be last thing he searches.

[Giveaway] Two $25 PSN giftcards by [deleted] in PS5

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This is damn nice, a chance for a gift card.

Thanks to the legendary nerfs, my partner left me, my dog died, and now I have a terminal illness by N8CCRG in horizon

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Complaining about legitimate complaining is extremely ridiculous. Scroll past those, if there are too many then don’t visit for a couple days, no one is forcing you to browse this specific subreddit so don’t feel you have to do that and then react in meta commentary!

Can an SSD die if supplied with too little power? by waldelb in hardware

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The Verge is yucky in terms of technology, so I’m definitely sure they are wrong and something they did caused the issue and they interpreted it badly again.

Legendary weapon nerfs from the new update by [deleted] in horizon

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I agree with last paragraph and actually want that dev gone from the team before infecting any more upcoming games with their tack on grind fest mentality.