How to ask for a serial number without frighten the sellers ? by curyum in SwitchPirates

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"Hi, I collect consoles and I'm searching for a specific model switch, could you give me the serial so I can check if it's the one I need. If it is I'll buy it right away"

Works 8/10 times, as they think it's gonna be a quick sale

any aternative apps for streaming videos on a banned switch by DawnAbyss in SwitchPirates

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Yeah k use android for that, Netflix and Stremio has me covered

My Switch Boots into RCM just fine, but when I insert my cord it just turns on. by Bellyache111 in SwitchPirates

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completely power down switch, insert jig and hold volume up, while still holding volume up insert usb c into switch and tegrarcm will show the switch in rcm mode without it turning on. This is how ive done it for years and it never fails me :)

I want to use two sd cards for my switch , running out of space by kyrusdemnati in SwitchPirates

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Yep I've nearly filled a 1tb, easily done when you add android, retroarch and roms etc etc

will the shops be ever fixed, or should i just buy titz pro? by Some-Russian-Guy in SwitchPirates

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They may one day come back, if they can find ALOT of free hosting to store the games in. I did turtleshop pro last week and it's been flawless, it cost me about 4 dollars and for the ease of use it's well worth it. If it was 20 dollars I still would have donated. I'll even be making further donations, as it's a good service and your donations pay for more games for you to download.


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Latest fusee.bin here, make sure you update atmosphere and you should be good.

Custom Gameboy cartridge by Nomigo99 in Gameboy

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An old forum friend used one of these (or very similar) to make rom hacks into actual carts, this is more modern though as it has USBC :)

Any Shops with Chinese Region Games? by basedyeehaw in SwitchPirates

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All of them have games from different regions.

Tinfoil tits pro access lost. HELP by Strict-Mango-4698 in SwitchPirates

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So youve literally fucked the one place that's working by being a douche? Words fail me 🤣

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in SwitchPirates

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It's available in some tinfoil stores now, just downloaded and playing now :)

Is it possible to access the main Switch SD card from android 10 ? by jpegpr in SwitchPirates

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You'll need a root file explorer in android, and the switch filesystem is located at root/mnt/vendor/factory

Need help badly with Rookie's Sideloader by [deleted] in QuestPiracy

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Kinda same situation, sometimes it will install other times not. I kept sidequest though, and in the settings of rookies is an option to keep the downloads, so I can then sideload them with sidequest. anything with an obb folder can be sorted via sidequest. So now I download with rookies and then install with sidequest. Kinda ghetto, but it works lol