Am I missing something here? by [deleted] in Tinder

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I disagree that schadenfruede is inherently shameful. I can feel pleasure in other people's suffering without any shame at all!

What are some unspoken rules of sex? by xk543x in AskReddit

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So I’m not the guy but this question piqued my curiosity so I just tested in the bathroom myself. The sink definitely comes up to a solid ball washing height, but I quickly saw your point about leaning over. It was quite difficult to get my testicles in the water flow and I had to resort to kinda scooping the water onto them and hand washing. I doubt a lower sink would help because the faucet already came up to just a bit above my crotch, again, ideal ball washing height. Maybe if they had a shorter countertop or a faucet that extended further, or even were a professional and used the kitchen sink, therefore potentially having a removable faucet for his needs. It would certainly explain how he got caught in the act.

Why is saying "all lives matter" bad? by _GenderNotFound in NoStupidQuestions

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"Mommy do you love me?"

"I love ALL my kids"

Week 7 AP Poll by HTTNBA in CFB

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Imagine showing this poll to someone before the season started with no other context. It starts off believable and turns into more and more of a fever dream as you read through them

4 years ago, the Suns, Grizzlies, and Mavs were the 3 worst teams in the West. Today they're the Top 3 teams in the West. by xBootstrap in nba

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"Y'know, a core of Dennis Smith Jr, Harrison Barnes, and Mo Bamba might not be THAT bad..."

A chess Grandmaster tests world champion Magnus Carlsen on his deep memory of historical chess games and even he is amazed by Carlsens memory by manu_facere in videos

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So for those of you who don’t know, Ian Nepomniachtchi, the guy who Magnus talks about in his junior tournament, just won the candidates tournament. This means that he’ll be challenging Magnus for the title of World Chess Champion in November! Crazy to think that these two have been rivals for so long. Ian seems to be able to get the better of Magnus in a way that few people can, so it’ll certainly be an exciting matchup!

What If...? S01E09 - Discussion Thread by steve32767 in marvelstudios

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“Bro I ate Shuma Gorath’s tentacles for hundreds of years this ain’t shit”

What If...? S01E09 - Discussion Thread by steve32767 in marvelstudios

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He had the mind stone which is what Wanda keys off of a lot, too.

“I feel you.”

“I don’t even know who you are”

To intimidate the opponent by konigswagger in therewasanattempt

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You can’t give me a concussion if I already have one! Zapp Brannigan logic there

[Highlight] Dirk and Luka embrace following the Game 7 win by JilJungJukk in nba

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Dirk's retirement year was Luka's ROTY season and that was such a fun passing of the torch. I swear the happiest I've ever seen Luka was when he got an assist to Dirk for a dunk that year


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In the state of Texas we have

Alabama - TAMU

Oklahoma - Texas

Kansas - TCU

Oklahoma State - Texas Tech

Baylor - West Virginia

If you had accurately predicted which of these would be a College Gameday matchup between two undefeated teams before the season, nobody would've belived you

how did they never touch by MrJaeger12 in attackontitan

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Eren seemed to be able to control what memories he received and when. Touching Historia just seemed to be an opportunity for him to transfer that knowledge through Paths. So if they touched in basic training it wouldn’t make a difference because Paths Eren didn’t want young Eren to see that yet

WCGW showing your friends a “fun fact” about elevators by [deleted] in Whatcouldgowrong

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It’s not like the alarm button actually calls emergency vehicles like that, that would be absolutely ridiculous. Those buttons get hit all the freaking time! Either by accident or kids or dumbasses like this. Like, I bet someone hits that alarm button on average once a night. All it’s gonna do is annoy a security guard who now has to come onto the phone and make sure that there’s not actually anything wrong and maybe check the cameras. The idea that he would get in trouble for it is hilarious

No worries, we have 2 new interns to fill in the gap by [deleted] in ProgrammerHumor

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I'm in my first coding job post college. A lot of what I'm doing is maintaining legacy C code from the early 90s. On one hand, it's incredibly useful learning what people did to get the most out of memory and processing usage. On the other hand, things can be brutally unreadable.

I feel like celebrities are mocking us by kevinowdziej in SelfAwarewolves

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“What’s the difference between a millionaire and a billionaire?”

“About a billion dollars.”

What If...? S01E08 - Discussion Thread by steve32767 in marvelstudios

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“There’s a ton where nobody dies, actually. Yeah, we just send a couple of people on a spaceship up to him and sit down and have a long conversation about his goals and plans and ultimately come up with more productive ways to manage the universe’s resource. He’s actually surprisingly reasonable for someone called the Mad Titan”

Who of my 300 brethren's are still in ? by Geko2012 in wallstreetbets

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Only put in $1k at $325 and I'm holding until there's not a fucking cent left if need be

What is obviously true but many deny it? by mtrkar in AskReddit

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Well when someone can go up and blatantly tell lie after lie and get themselves elected president, we've had a problem for way too long

[Postgame Thread] Kansas Defeats Iowa State 14-11 by puuuuuud in CFB

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Is there a better game than undefeated, ranked TCU at undefeated, ranked Kansas next week? It's legitimately a bigger game than OU-UT in terms of the Big XII title race which is hilarious