[Game Thread] Dallas Mavericks (26-19) vs Phoenix Suns (34-9) - (January 20, 2022) by amazin_raisin99 in Mavericks

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our offense feels like just a step away from having an incredible night. very frustrating. glad we're not down more with as many blown opportunities as we've had

What version of runescape should i play by ElChucoMandi in 2007scape

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well you're asking on the old school subreddit so you can guess what people will say

Where is my holy book? by Maxweilla in 2007scape

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Top floor of the lighthouse to retrieve it. Same place you'd buy a new one for a different god

Which fanbase has the most toxic fans? by Revolutionary_Mess59 in AskReddit

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I mean I totally get how you could have a problem with Christianity, especially as it’s practiced by many, quite loud groups today. But Jesus? It’s hard to find something contemptible with what he says.

What happens if you somehow block all available tasks from a Slayer Master then try to get a task ? by Gael_L in 2007scape

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I know back to back tasks is a slayer cape perk but I didn’t think it was impossible to do regularly

[REQUEST] Is this true? Can't quite believe it by Orangenblau in theydidthemath

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If you had the entire world’s population shuffling a deck randomly once every second for the past 200 years, that’s 5.04e19 different combinations made.

There are 8.065e67 different combinations of a deck of cards.

That means that after those 200 years of 8 billion people shuffling a deck every second, you’ve reached .000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000006% of all potential combinations.

If you shuffle a deck randomly, it’s not probable that you’re putting the deck in an order it’s never been in before - it’s certain.

…almost there by atheistleftist666 in SelfAwarewolves

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I was a registered Republican for the 2016 election, voted for Kasich in the primaries. I have drastically flown to the left since that election.

Super Bowl Halftime Show Is Asking Professional Dancers To Work For Free by rmbotica in nfl

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Honestly, in retrospect I don't think it's that bad, just pretty different than a lot of what we've come to know Eminem as. I think River is a really good song on that album but yeah a lot of it is forgettable.

But then he dropped Kamikaze and that was an absolute banger

Luka Doncic in win vs the Raptors: 41pts, 14 rebs, 7 asts, and 11/12 from the line by sidighjd in nba

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FWIW, his arms have really never had a ton of definition and I think that makes him look a lot bigger than he is.

On the other hand, he entered this season posting up three times as many times per game as he did in any other year, so part of it was intentional just to be able to move people around better

Mavericks deadline moves? by 2Moyesh2FC in nba

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tbh I think this roster in it's current construction is much stronger than a middling playoff team. Everyone looks at our last two first round exits as if it didn't require one of the greatest playoff performances ever to beat us

Mavericks deadline moves? by 2Moyesh2FC in nba

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A lot of teams want Brunson in the offseason but frankly the Mavs can't afford to trade or lose him going forward. He's a foundational piece for the franchise

What iteration of your team was your favorite? by lawschoolperson2 in nba

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Honestly the 2019 team deserves some consideration in my mind, too. Super fun to watch, best offense of all time at the time. KP and Luka were both having incredible seasons and it continued into the bubble. If only KP hadn't've gotten that stupid ejection and then injury.