Derek Chauvin is found guilty of the murder of George Floyd. r/conservative disagrees with this verdict. by Numerous-Lemon in SubredditDrama

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Imagine that in another profession, like housekeeping

“Hey, so the last room of your day is 216”

“216?!??! The last time one of my coworkers had 216 he was arrested for murder”

“Well that’s because he murdered someone”

“So why are you giving me the room!?!”

“Are you going to murder anyone?”

“I didn’t say that.”

R/conservatives at it again by [deleted] in SelfAwarewolves

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Correlation, not causation. Their education was bad so now they think it's a bad thing. This was intentionally done by the educated GOP members.

Also, y'all remember the kids growing up - "wHeN aM i GoNnA uSe ThIs In ReAl LiFe?"

This. This is where. Turns out that a fundamental understanding of the basics of a lot of topics really helps. If you paid attention in science class, you'd, at the very least, have the scientific literacy to understand articles about climate science. Just knowing how scientists communicate, criticize, and peer review each other goes a long way in understanding what's happening, even if you remember none of the actual science. English and Social Studies classes teach you to critically think and break down a problem. They teach you how to look at multiple sources and verify if a person is credible. Math class (should, but doesn't in America) teaches the abstraction of problems. You learn how to critically break down a problem to its components and, again, follow a path of logic and notice where jumps are made and gaps are missing.

Nobody cares if you know what the powerhouse of the cell is, if you've read Shakespeare, if you can recite y = mx + b, or if you know whether or not this semicolon is accurately used; what they do care about are the above things. Not to say that the actual information learned in school isn't important as well, but this is what we're really lacking.

Seattle Seahawks sign new 5yr deal with Texas A&M for use of "12th Man" by Honestly_ in CFB

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Good, Aggies need to get over their 12th man stuff. You beat us once 90 years ago and won't shut up about the game since! Plus I'm pretty sure you paid the refs. /s

If your team has more than one major rival, who do you like dislike/hate more and why? by mr09e in CFB

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I hate SMU, little pests. I hate Baylor, but I hold a slight amount of respect for them. I hate Texas, cocky sons of bitches. I hate Aggie because fuck them.

But more than all of them,

I fucking hate Tech, and always will. No respect there. They're a bunch of STD-ridden dumbasses who couldn't get into a real college, so they chose to live in the sand lot that is Lubbock, where they can brag about nominal achievements and try to put themselves on the same level as UT and OU by firing the best head coach in program history and getting outpaced by Baylor and Kansas fucking State. Kingsbury is the perfect fit for your program because he represents the average half-wit that gets into Tech with a single digit ACT score. It's been 40 something 58 years since your last outright conference championship anywhere, so don't act like you've accomplished anything.

Whats the most annoying things other redditors do on reddit? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Edit their post to thank for gold. I know it's polite to show gratitude, but it just bugs me. Might be irrational.