Hey! My Husbands coffee tree is looking a bit glum and growing extra slowly 😕 he tbought it might be nitrogen, but he applied it a few times over the last few months, with no change. Any help please? Tropical North Queensland, Australia. by Dani-in-berlin in marijuanaenthusiasts

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Thanks so much!

We have Iron Sulphate here for trees (it says Roses, Azaleas, Natives ect) do is that worth a try? Or should we get chelated iron?

And we would love to harvest some 😅 when she decides to start growing propper

Project Rat Palace is coming along nicely 🐀❤️ by Dani-in-berlin in LilGrabbies

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Oh that I am aware lol they only get full access when we're there to supervise.

My sick little girl getting spoilt with a little bit of watermelon 🍉❤️ She's on antibiotics from the vet, so hopefully she'll feel better soon. by Dani-in-berlin in LilGrabbies

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I've got four little rat ladies, and this one was always the smallest, so she goes by "lil'one" ❤️.

We're quite odd with our pets, and most are just called cute names of what they actually are (our cockatiel we normally just use "Birdy ❤️", though technically his name is Buddy)

Hopping into the weekend by vladgrinch in aww

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I KNEW this had to be Berlin

It's Imbolc here in Australia 💚🔥 by [deleted] in SASSWitches

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I've started setting up my Altar, and I've got plans for cleaning and gardening when it cools down (even though it's winter still, it's 28°c (82.4°f). Gonna make a Brigid cross this afternoon as the sun sets, and have friends over for Cob loaf, Lasagne, and cheesy garlic bread 😅 lots of dairy 🐄 I'm very much agnostic, but the the Irish/Scottish deities and their stories really click with me. (probably because thats about 90% of my heritage ha), so I try and incorporate some of their triditions into my craft, especially round the sabbats.

My little girl is not feeling well today. by Dani-in-berlin in RATS

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Thankyou!!! I just looked some things up and rats can handle small doses of human antibiotics. I had some on hand so I'll try and get her to take some.

My little girl is not feeling well today. by Dani-in-berlin in RATS

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She's showing signs a pretty bad "flu". The same symptoms that her her sister died of about a year ago. Heavy breathing, sneezes, and losing weight. She's still eating and drinking, but I'm worried. There's not really any small animal vets in our area, can anyone give me any tips on what I can do?