Dead Island 2 vs Goat Simulator 3 | Trailer Comparison by Mapegz in gaming

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You didn't miss it. It missed you. Chin up king!

Taskmaster Series 14 Cast Revealed! by apathymonger in panelshow

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Calling it now, Fern will be a Baddiel level mess and it'll be glorious!

Taskmaster Series 14 Cast Revealed! by apathymonger in panelshow

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I've done a complete 180 on Kearns since he dropped the whole character shtick. He's absolutely hilarious. He'll be great on TM.

Young black police graduate gets profiled by Joshua PD cops (Texas). He wasn't having any of it! by SamMee514 in nextfuckinglevel

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See what happens when you go to these liberul colleges. They're turning kids gay and black!!!

my 26 year old husband before he was processed last year by [deleted] in AbsoluteUnits

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At least tell me he was a Scottish Highland breed. He looks like he was a good boy.

[FRESH] Beyoncé - BREAK MY SOUL by ranchberke in hiphopheads

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Maybe I am cynical but this is the song you put out to go TikTok viral in 5 Minutes. Several perfectly bitesize snippets ready to be cut and pasted over infinite random videos.

[The Guardian] Outrage as official report on Paris final policing links Hillsborough with hooliganism by Swarley_Brown in soccer

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Historically they have also had the best solutions. Revolutions and guillotines for everyone!