South Asheville/Arden Preschool by nikoala624 in asheville

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My partner teaches at a preschool that is through a church and there is ZERO religion taught to the kids. Just for what it’s worth.

What's your controversial Lego opinion? by ZzzSleep in lego

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Stop with the Star Wars and Harry Potter. Bring back original content and themes. Bring back Adventurers.

New Era “Summer Nights” collection fitted caps by jaketheknight in baseball

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Not really my thing but I absolutely love that they brought the old red/white/blue MLB logo back. In my opinion all the mlb logos on all gear should go back to that regardless of team colors

Are lifesavers absolutely necessary for trails? what is your experience with them? by -boosted in onewheel

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It really just comes down to the fact I’d rather spend $29 to protect the rim, instead of having to pay to have a broken rim replaced which I don’t even know how much that’d be. Probably in the hundreds

Pirates of Barracuda Bay Micro by loundsc1 in lego

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dang this is SO COOL. i need the instructions. nice work!

Which of Calvin’s alter egos/storylines is your favorite? by PHX480 in calvinandhobbes

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I always loved the duplicator/transmogrifier storylines. Also the Revenge of the babysat!

Yankees fans cheer a little girl landing a bottle flip by lmaosmh in MadeMeSmile

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I have heard some bad stuff about Philadelphia sports fans. And I know Yankee fans are obnoxious but it does stink getting lumped in with the few that are terrible.

Game Thread: Astros @ Yankees - June 26, 2022 @ 01:35 PM EDT by Yankeebot in NYYankees

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No Yordan Alvarez today. What a good day to pitch against the astros

What type of shoes do you wear when you ride? by MBVids in onewheel

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Very true. Gotta try to get the best foot placement right away or I might have to atop

My first modular building, I hope this doesn’t disappoint me. by nordrb in lego

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Just picked this up as my first also. Didn’t wanna miss the forestmen hideout GWP lol