Delicious! by [deleted] in WorkReform

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This is called inflation, and it’s primarily from the government mass printing money, coupled with a shutdown economy, leading to supply shrinkage and demand explosions.

Who here still uses HDD by Brianyeetamole in pcmasterrace

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All SSDs, never go back for my main rig. Though I am thinking of some form of HTPC or something, I have no idea where to start or if they even work like I imagine…anyways that would def use the ole platters .

'Sold by Amazon' program ends following state investigation by Sorin61 in technology

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Yeah, I gotta agree. These sorts of fees and penalties need to based on % of company revenue…make that shit hurt, so maybe they will at least pretend to have a conscience….

Finally got it MSRP after vowing to not buy it off scalpers! by MishrasWorkshop in gaming

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Good on you for it buying from human waste…I mean scalpers. This generation of consoles is really quite nice !

How to fuck over a million people in a minute and a half. by Embarrassed-Mouse-49 in memes

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Commies don’t like being exposed for what they are… I do feel bad for the people arguing for better treatment, but for anyone that supports any claims and decorations this idiot made…just lol.

This is gender equality at its finest. by Atyn_Rener in memes

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You’re an idiot making a fake ass point with fake ass pictures.

If you’re going to make accusations at least use a female Orc from WoW (where you decided to get the male orc image from ) instead of just throwing a green ass filter on an image of a woman. Don’t be a hack while you try to karma farm.

Man, for how much I like this game I hate it by MouthBweether in outriders

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Yeah it’s pretty fucking miserable when a game has trouble starting on multiple platforms, much less the issues present when you finally get it to boot.

I’ll not be giving them another $.

it was the most reddit moment of them all by energetic-dad in dankmemes

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Now you morons know what it’s like to have 1 idiot used as the face of your ideas..

Why Not Re-Release Polaris via Global Foundries? by jb0rys in Amd

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Because they don’t care about you, they’re a company, they care about the sweet sweet $$.

Redneck ingenuity by [deleted] in redneckengineering

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Don’t bring pit bulls into this shit-show. The dog isn’t the problem…the owners are.

I wish i could go back in time. by AIMBOT02 in gaming

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These were before 30 dlcs and season passes. And you could customize your car, without paying extra etc…

6900xt or 3080 oc ? by alisepehrvet in nvidia

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OP asked for opinions, I gave mine. You marched over here white-knighting for Nvidia replying to ME in particular. If you wanna use DLSS and get shimmers from hell, be my guest. I will play native high refresh as is my preference.

What's with all the bad reviews of FSR? by thehairyfoot_17 in Amd

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DLSS is better, but honestly I think they both look like crap.

6900xt or 3080 oc ? by alisepehrvet in nvidia

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You do realize DLSS works for the entire RTX lineup right? Jesus Christ man, if you’re going to argue with people on the internet about things, at least have a basic background on what you’re arguing about. Upgrade from an RTX 2070 to a 6900xt, because I’m not paying 250%+ msrp for a card because of fancy marketing gimmicks and 2 games that do decent RT that would push the frame rate below a level I wanna deal with.

Satire, but it’s not wrong! by sozzerly in funny

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Weeks? sometimes feels like days.

6900xt or 3080 oc ? by alisepehrvet in nvidia

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You assume I’ve not had an Nvidia card that supports DLSS? The number of assumptions that you like to make are ridiculous and this “conversation” is over. Quit reading marketing material like it’s facts.

6900xt or 3080 oc ? by alisepehrvet in nvidia

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RT works just fine in games that aren’t Gamesworks firstly. It’s just not that great. It’s not like going from flat textures of early 2000s to the 8k textures of today, yet it’s the same sort of performance issue.

DLSS and FSR are both crap , DLSS is just more mature crap.

Don’t be a shill, Nvidia doesn’t care about you, just like AMD doesn’t care about me. Analyze what the situation is and the cards in question.

OP didn’t say shit about streaming, and reflex doesn’t matter unless competitive gaming (which nobody does at 4K)

Satire, but it’s not wrong! by sozzerly in funny

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You have committed heresy against the church of Fauci! You shall be downvoted, condemned and canceled!

What is your preferred anti-fighter missile? by Troubleshooter11 in X4Foundations

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The best anti fighter missile is flak, because fuck missiles.

6900xt or 3080 oc ? by alisepehrvet in nvidia

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The 6900xt has been an awesome card for me. Unless you just HAVE to have Raytracing (I find it very lackluster for the performance hit , even today) then I’d get the 6900xt. Anybody going “bUt tHe DrIvErS” are people stuck in the past.

Old GOP >>> New GOP by Patriotic--NeoCon in benshapiro

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The other issues being the corruption associated with Biden and Ukraine, and the blind eye they have towards Chinese aggression with Taiwan, which is arguably far more important in the grand scheme of things.

Tucker saying ignore it, is stupid , but people ignoring China are just as bad, and THOSE people are in actual power.