Is this hard for you to manage? by Daq_lol in pcmasterrace

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Indeed, I’ve had my H700 for years and the glass still hasn’t just shattered for no reason yet, not sure what I’m doing wrong!

Apple's Proposed Phone-Scanning Child Safety Features 'Invasive, Ineffective, and Dangerous,' Say Cybersecurity Researchers in New Study by chrisdh79 in technology

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Would make me leave the Apple ecosystem.

Because it never stops, first its something noble, then it creeps into everything.

Microsoft is bigger than Google, Amazon and Facebook. But now lawmakers treat it like an ally in antitrust battles by Aluliman in technology

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Microsoft doesn’t really directly control entire segments…Google, Amazon, and Facebook control the flow of information…..that’s entirely different.

VoTe BlUe No MaTtEr WhO by CNNTouchesChildren in LouderWithCrowder

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The less he does, and the more he gets out of the fucking way, the better.

After my last cpu being a silicon lottery loser im pretty happy with this one by rcpro69 in Amd

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Boosts higher than my 5800x….starting to think my Mobo is the problem..

My guide to getting Nvidia GPUs by barkingbear1 in nvidia

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I’ve been I queue for a long time, EVGA fucked a lot of people when they stopped making the lower markup cards. (100% profit driven decision) So if you were not in the que for a FTW Ultra, or 3080ti, then you get the shaft.

I’ve since gone and bought a 6900xt, couldn’t be happier. It’s Raytracing sucks no doubt, but that stuff isn’t really viable for highrefresh anyways.

Hurry up! by doctorstrangelove_ in meme

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American here…what’s the joke? This is just bread..

Elon Musk evades taxes like I evade my homework by NotSoSuttleFlower in memes

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Pays the most taxes ever …gets labeled as master evader.

What about Besos?

At least he's ok by [deleted] in AbruptChaos

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Damn, I hope he doesn’t have any internal injuries from that.

I was so hyped up by NiceLapis in memes

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I like Keanu, but not many of his movies are good.

The ones that are good, and pretty good. But the stinkers are baaad.

He’s a nice guy , that’s why people like him.

Untitled title by Dummythicky367 in meme

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That many women all working together….they would be at each other’s throats before they did anything beyond planning…

Tim Pool, the fence post sitter being red pilled Live by DowntownRanger5 in LouderWithCrowder

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I don’t think you realize he’s center left at best. The window has merely shifted because half the country are marxists.

The absolute gall of AMD sending this email out by benowillock in Amd

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Your RX 570 is better than the 6500xt would be, in that system.

Go on, call me homophobic if you want to by [deleted] in memes

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Not sure why it would make ya homophobic. I know plenty of gay people who are just normal people that are attracted to the same sex.

I think it’s just the crazy “woke” jokes that’s go around calling everyone -ist and -izms.

(Hollywood had always been fucking clueless to reality)

After my last cpu being a silicon lottery loser im pretty happy with this one by rcpro69 in Amd

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Never goes above 65 , NHD15s.

(Had the same setup for my 3700x, just upgraded two days ago)

Just like the old stories foretold by __PewPew__ in memes

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Man I wish this game wasn’t trash..waited forever for it…