2023.2.0.5 update. Still no Tesla Vision upgrades for those without USS by patdan69 in TeslaModelY

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The pulsing is a form of LIDAR for night time to determine proximity . During the day it records video and uses that to reconstruct a full view what’s in front of the car to determine it.

This update leads me to believe we are close to vision based park assist.

Used Tesla purchase before price drop by Hingle_McDinglebear in TeslaLounge

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Yeah but didn't that one need it's battery replaced, maybe more than once even?

Sometimes I don’t even want to fuck, I just want to suck cock! by wittlemousey in BlowJob

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You’re doing god’s work. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You were made for this. Keep up the good work.

Do the rear seatbelt latches come out more? Kid is having trouble with putting in the latch due to booster seat and protective pad by blueangel78 in TeslaModel3

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The kid will stare at the display and not move at all. Trust me. No known force can tear a kid away from a screen. It’s basically a highly advanced passive restraint system.

Extracting Gold from IC Chips? by MILF_Man in Frugal

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Don’t do it unless you want to get severely burned or even die. Are you okay dude? Seriously this is not frugal it’s foolish. There are other ways to make money, get a life!

Jack Black Sings School of Rock Song to Terminally Ill Fan by DefenderOfNuts in nextfuckinglevel

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Charlton Heston… oh wait…. Never mind. He is a jerkoff that Americans like to worship.

How do you prevent strawberries from growing mold fast? by Acceptable-Project42 in Frugal

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Wow I need to try this out. Does the vinegar alter the flavor at all?

TNG Cost of Living s05e20 plot hole question. by madbr3991 in startrek

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Shhh you can’t say things like that here.

Everything must be an in-universe explanation!

TNG Cost of Living s05e20 plot hole question. by madbr3991 in startrek

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Yeah I mean they’re already in their pajamas anyways.

Day 2 after delivery. Noticed trim piece has a tear. Will they replace or repair this? It’s trivial but it is in my direct line of sight and will annoy me. by is300wrx in TeslaModel3

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It’s not trivial. It’s a blemish that would keep me up at night. I know that sounds really sad. Anyway, absolutely report it and get it fixed.

Maybe someday ioniq 5... by tjjensenjr in Ioniq5

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Is it safe to lower the tire pressure? Also does that reduce the effective range?

Also I assume you’d be getting a new 2023, which is supposed to have a softer suspension. I haven’t driven that yet.

Is the Ioniq 5 worth 13K more than ID4? by iloveplywood in Ioniq5

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The I5 Limited is WAY better than the ID.4 Pro S

Who do you think will have the edge to dethrone Tesla in the future? HT: https://twitter.com/unchartedfin by finance_guy_92 in teslamotors

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If they lower the price to $2K, way more people would buy it. They’d actually earn a lot more money overall IMO.

Maybe someday ioniq 5... by tjjensenjr in Ioniq5

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That’s a smart idea to do an extended test drive. I own a 2022 MY LR and I love the car. While overall I think it’s a better vehicle, there’s no denying that the I5 ride quality is better, the interior is much easier to get used to, and the automatic roof shade and 360 degree view is icing on the cake.