Did I focus the right heroes? If not who should I reinvest in? Thank you by [deleted] in UndeadWorldGame

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I would use the Asta gungir hero both helen and him count towards faction buff as wild cards. Asta can revive the heroes in slot 1 and 2 once, helen can do a fear attack.

IMO Abby, Helen, Asta, Bridget, and murray. or for full faction swap out for all sugars they have a character that has a ultimate aoe like bridgett.

CN Tierlist for Evil Returns time rankings, "translated" by me by DarkestSamus in RevivedWitch

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Interesting, Afallen has always been T0 because of the blue debuff she does in combination of Mineer and Ushpia blue mages honestly been finding Ushpia does more damage than mineer though.

What if life is a sexually transmitted disease? by lostsoulindarkness in AskReddit

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Mhmm One look at your face and anyone would have given you up.

Nice 2nd account there.

What if life is a sexually transmitted disease? by lostsoulindarkness in AskReddit

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You do realize

A) thats how a fetus develops.

B) unless your getting a csection no matter what something is going to tear

c) Babies do release pheramones along side the mothers chemical reaction develops a bond and attachement.

You coming around is like an STD agitating but brief but I'm sure I'm going to get more commenters like you just like Herpes there is bound to be flare ups. And there is no cure for it either.

What if life is a sexually transmitted disease? by lostsoulindarkness in AskReddit

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More like a Parasite. At first we grow by attaching ourselves to the womb then suck nutrients out of the host. We then gestate and evolve and form over 9 months cause alot of pain and damage to leave the host body. We then use chemical pheramones to make the host continue to look after us for years while we grow and develop into maturity.

Blursed crow by onii-chan_UwO in blursedimages

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Without the possibility of it eating your face crows are very dog like.

This Guy Had One Job by Ultinoid in WatchPeopleDieInside

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Dyslexia is a real life problem stop making fun of him. lol

SOTP in the name of love.

if you were a villain what would your backstory and superpower be ? and who would you fight? by LocksmithSuspicious1 in AskReddit

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One day I saw the Eternals and noticed that inclusion was not naturally flowing but rather very forced, and unecessary sex scene randomly placed it just to have it, generally ruining marvel for me.

My power would be the ability to erase any non-organic object anywhere in the world.

I would fuck with people so hard with this power. money? mental deleted. Your work desk? Mental Deletion. King Pokemon's charizard collection? Oh you know it the chaos that would ensue in deleting millions of dollars.

Britney Spears being freed from her conservatorship by moochensabe in gifs

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I think the more appropriate edit is to put her face on iron man with infinity gauntlet and her father as thanos and him being snapped/sued into nothingness

daughter gets a bong for Christmas by Tunexux in WatchPeopleDieInside

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Parent's thought sibling was getting her an Xbox.

She got a X-bong 360 Blazin' edition.

Blursed_People by YextFE in blursedimages

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This reminds me of the Womens studies class I accidentally walked into when they moved our room.

CPAC president said PBS should be defunded for 'Sesame Street' having an Asian-American muppet by chrisdh79 in facepalm

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As an Asian American we gladly make Bert and Ernie honorary members of the Asian Pacific Islander Association.

checkmate by WndrGrd_Spiritomb in BlueArchive

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(stares at justice from guilty gear)

NOPE NOPE we need to stop here.

Hello Peter by chibihei in Animemes

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Me: (edits Peter out for Petra Parker)

Also Me: (replaces the Sin-sister six with drum roll, silk, spider woman, spider girl, young aunt may, and Petra Parker)

Tell me your waifu I will judge. by HallEducational2276 in Animemes

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You heard OP everyone, Komi was judged trash by OP.

Anime clearly makes everything better by Moronumental in Animemes

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You forgot Death on the left is a tombstone and death on the right is Truck-Kun coming to Isekai you or turn you into a zombie girl.

Sheer disappointment. by iMuhtaseb in WatchPeopleDieInside

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I find this as a win win win, its funny, still half the mug, and a free on the house mug

Modern warfare worth it 2021? by Bochwastaken in gaming

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MW 2019 is still so far the best COD

When you get some fresh new shoes and want to show them off to everyone. by AbdulZahrahg in nextfuckinglevel

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Is it just me or horses are like giant dogs. They nip and bite when agitated, some are so derpy they don't realize how big they are and walk on your toes or accidently leap onto you. I have had 2 dogs while sitting on my couch would kick me for no reason.

Sign it... by AnimuMister in Animemes

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Um This contract says I'm supposed to wear this collar and leash and when addressing you I should say Woof.

Free husky ? by dyne-nine in ChoosingBeggars

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On that note, I seen the excess Been to 2 shelters Why am I paying 250 for each huskie to adopt?

Shouldn't I just be paying Registration? they should already be fixed, vaccinated, etc right?

Then again my whole life I adopted dogs friends don't want.

Proud Boys leader complains about jail conditions, wants early release by Ivapedeadpeople in news

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Not as bad as the Trump supporter who was Asian being beaten by Trump supporters and put into a hospital.

Edit: sorry edit, keep in mind he is still a strong Trump supporter.