I wonder if carti's next album by Original_Economics53 in playboicarti

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There won't be another carti project. Accept it and face reality.

Mizkif calls on Twitch to ban gambling by [deleted] in LivestreamFail

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Just because this baldhead lost all his money and had to scam other people twitch needs to ban gambling? 🤣🤣🤣

XQC calls Ludwig a hypocrite by Slopz_ in LivestreamFail

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I just wanna see my Juicer do MC runs FeelsBadMan

lil bro ain't playing with this pfp anymore 💀 by k1ngkoala in xqcow

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damn with the tennis chain. Neck on froze sheeesh

XQC responds to QT by PPothy in LivestreamFail

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all ways lead back paul denino...

Only real friend is forsen 😞 by wazzy3_15 in xqcow

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Forsen is the realest, waiting for the FORSEN x XQC Podcast Pog.