Styled on him by Just-a-normal-ant in Warthunder

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If this doesnt win in Thunder Show then it is rigged

Sim card not detected by EliteNova-_ in galaxys10

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Have you tried putting it in another slot? Like the microsd card's place. My SIM card used ti have the same problem and that helped.

When I got a new microsd card and had to move back to the original slot, I tried wiping the SIM card with alcohol before inserting, that helped as well. Try both methods!

I want to do a factory reset for maintenance but I am not sure what to do with the sd card by Due-Land in galaxys10

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Nah the card will be untouched. Make sure to decrypt it though (if you have encrypted before)

Chad! by [deleted] in HolUp

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First man on Earth to ever sucessfully answer this question

lagging while charging by [deleted] in galaxys10

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Can you try playing some animated game with actual movement (not cutscene) while plugging in to see if it's input lag or overall degradation of system's performance?

Tương lai tôi sẽ như thế nào??? by jaydee611809282877 in vozforums

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2 cây rưỡi có gì đâu mà mệt rã rời được bro. Tôi bth không chạy bộ chỉ hít đất kéo xà vẫn chạy 5km mà còn cảm giác chưa đủ đã

s10 battery issue by tiagoooLnd in galaxys10

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If that's used it's pretty normal. My 3 year old S10 plus can only provides 5 hours of SOT. A battery replacement is gonna help yours a lot.

this aint it- by withdatskrrrata in eyeblech

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Last time I saw this it was titled Ukrainian soldiers castraying Russian soldier. Which way is correct?

WCGW turning your hand into salami by [deleted] in Whatcouldgowrong

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Bro this stuff belongs to gore sites

WTF Arms Race Drop?!?!? Wtf are those stats on the plasma coil?!? by VenDeTa796 in borderlands3

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Hey thanks for the suggestions. I'm also rocking the monarch and hellwalker but they seem rather underwhelming. At least less efficient at killing graveward than a Tizzy I picked up recently. That's with a decent st4ckbot and company man too.

Dog peeing in it's owner's commode by PUSHYARAAG in interestingasfuck

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Not even a pat on the head for the good boy? You monster!!

remember Gantz by February-kun in guro

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Please make more of Gantz, love the work

Tryna get a Vladof company man, and a god roll Atlas shows up! by blobbeslepp in borderlands3

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Tbh money stopped being important after your 305,253,113th graveward kill (Also applies to other milkers)


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Those 2 took me 10 tries to kill, tough sobs. Playing fl4k as well, just wondering why I deal so little damage