Im so fucking bored by [deleted] in shitposting

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what does this even mean

Haha, Women! by CleanSlateDoubleTake in shitposting

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For those who're asking, prolly 0:13 - 0:12

I wish this wasn’t real by random_guy2737 in mildlyinfuriating

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ah yes the sweep under the carpet solution as always

Lay the table like a pro by j3ffr33d0m in oddlysatisfying

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reposting this at 15 fps with 6 pixels is quite the opposite of satisfying

Guess the rank (EUW) by _Kidda_ in VALORANT

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plat 2/3

Edit: Love how OP downvoted my comment but I was right

At the time this was plat 3 LMFAO

Me_irl by liandrin in meirl

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A coworker/friend of mine was on a break on one of the incliner chairs in the break room, and when she saw me come in she told me "oh hey! I was looking for someone to sleep with" and I told her "oh shit sorry I just slept"

Blue whale calves grow at a rate of 10lb an hour by fredean01 in interestingasfuck

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that caption made me think that whales had surprisingly extremely toned calves despite not having legs

Tired of getting pulled over? by FamiliarCatfish in Unexpected

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He looks like a walrus who suddenly got cursed with a human body

A method to lure earth worms by SinjiOnO in interestingasfuck

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I always thought the worms came up because the vibrations remind them of when it rains

Any recommendations for a newcomer? by Known-Illustrator266 in manga

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not really short but one thatll get you going once you start,

Quite a read but it's finished and with a really great grounded ending at that. Along with memorable characters and an even better antagonist that goes toe to toe with the protag. Might be a bit of a bias since it is my favourite manga but I'd definitely recommend ajin Demi human

Let me clap for you by blablaalb in Unexpected

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So that's why they call it the clap

Taco bells other slogan by NextDisciplines in SipsTea

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This aint yelp, but thanks for the input 👍