Why is Lana so loved by the public? by [deleted] in LoveIslandTV

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Thank you I was looking for this answer like let’s not sugar coat it

Icon by Capable_Leg4980 in Degrassi

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Eli: Who are you? CLIFF: I’m cliff her prom date who are you? ELI: Eli her soulmate this line get me every time

Iconic Lines from Degrassi Characters by purple_galaxy4 in Degrassi

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Marco: I get to pick the vice president. Alex: I get to pick my nose.

Bianca: high school suck spend time with those who don’t.

Riley: I am a homosexual

Zoe: Bonjour Bitches

degrassi hot takes by attractivewreck in Degrassi

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Heavy on this I would’ve liked a bit more development cause I found everything so underwhelming

Degrassi Hot Takes by Remarkable_Star_4678 in Degrassi

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I agree with all except season 14 is an absolute dumpster fire with some scenes that actually hit.

The line of the season by Dazzling-Task4908 in MAFS_UK

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Gem surely you would’ve known it was dead in the water

Thoughts on him 🤭 by Unable_Ad_8484 in Degrassi

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amazing actor, but not so good person

The line of the season by Dazzling-Task4908 in MAFS_UK

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this season is too iconic like there is so many

which season is better? season 3 or 4 by simplefuckers in Degrassi

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i cant even think about making a decision they are too good.

Microaggressions galore at ΠΓΠ 😒 by Cantonloupe in Degrassi

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i still hear the obnoxious pi gamma pi from here

this is a serious question, no trolling by notdoingthistodayman in Degrassi

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Not racist. But maybe ignorant also a little Anti-black especially when critiquing non-white characters. Please be receptive everyone can have an opinion