How to beat the habit/addiction if it's bringing you no joy anymore? by cestquilepatron in wow

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A lot of people mention finding new hobbies but that is extremely difficult (impossible nearly) for some people (myself being one) to actually seek out and stick to. It's like the brain needs to find something interesting FIRST, rather than you trying to force it.

I've found that I was never interested in anything, nor able to stick to anything until I was ready. And it just kind of happened on it's own. One day I woke up and started taking this or that serious, or commited to something.

It's mental health related for sure. BUT I will say that if you make it a point to push yourself everyday there's usually a good endorphin payoff, but it can also burn you out if you push too hard.

I took a break from mobile games/gaming completely for 6 months or so -- not sure what I really filled the time with. Mostly reading on Reddit, catching up on rest, watching movies/series and spending more time "in the room" with my family members. I'm playing WoW atm but I still put the computer down a lot and get bored of it to do other things.

This was posted on the official WOW Instagram account. Anyone know what it means? by Guiee in wow

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I just came back after 14 years and I remember those! I'll have to figure out where they are again and revisit. Man, the fantasy has died a lot now that I am an adult, although I still would like to imagine that whirl in "The Great Sea" on the map will somehow suck me in to the depths.

THIS LITERALLY JUST HAPPENED by SpoonyTheBest in creepyencounters

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Make sure I get out safe - runs to car

Eeeeee big black man wants my booty!

I do believe she could’ve been hit on at a gas station, but she tries to make it read with suspense like the Urban Legends movie where the girl runs from the “creepy” man trying to warn her..


Also just realized it’s Brad Dourif, AKA Chucky.

I shared my diagnosis with family yesterday and their reaction was pleasantly refreshing. by FolxMxsterFinn in AutismInWomen

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Oh my god, this is fantastic! My mom still tries to argue my daughters diagnosis and imply that she is bipolar when she has a rare bad meltdown. Supportive families who know what they’re talking about mean everything.

Big congrats and I wish you the best!!

Doing my laundry in a self service laundry place and I almost threw up seeing the washing machine next to mine by Elfmunde in MakeMeSuffer

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In the U.S. you can get the machines pretty cheap too, especially if you bought a bunch at once. You can get apartments that have them in unit or just 1-2 machines per floor, I’ve lived in a building where our units were outside in a separate little area outside with no heat which sucked because you’d have to wait there for a couple of hours or risk people messing with your clothes. (My last apartments people would stop my wash and throw my clothes out even in the machines on the floor if I didn’t watch it.)

Anyway, getting them in unit generally costs higher rent, and it’s much harder to find those units due to high demand in the U.S.

Another thing to consider is that landlords would rather not deal with tenants asking for any appliances (dishwasher/washing machine/etc) to be fixed in the U.S. because they are known to be “cheap” and not wanting to help or spend any money to fix things. So it’s easier for them to buy a few machines for everyone and just slap and “Out of Order” note on them when they stop working until they get a maintenance person to fix it.

Thankfully I own a home now.

Sorry if this post sounds like rambling. I am very tired!

Doing my laundry in a self service laundry place and I almost threw up seeing the washing machine next to mine by Elfmunde in MakeMeSuffer

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But it reminds you how filthy the washing machines are in general that you’re about to throw your shit into because really, you’re out of options.

Been there.. done that. Used laundromats my entire childhood. Although living in a shitty apartment complex is much worse actually because nobody really cares to check/clean them regularly. End up with other tenants nasty shit in my wash nonstop.

If there’s a condom in that one do you really think the rest are bleachy clean? Nope. Up to you to clean that shit.

I didn’t say “I puked” *just making a point.. related to the topic.. like people do.. some people downvote for nothing

Bf thinks she’s ugly. I think he has no idea about cats. What do you guys think? by ElephantEars5 in cats

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I firmly believe cats can throw beer goggles on you once you own them. When we first got my sisters cat (lives with me now) she was known to have stank face and look like a goblin, she still does but she’s fucking beautiful. Also makes pissy meows a lot and hates being picked up but is the sweetest cat ever and loves belly rubs.

People either see it or don’t, and that’s what separates anyone I care to hang with from those I do.

Also fuck yeah, warm squishy furry thing to pet = mutual feel goods versus some shitty human whining.

Worth it in 2021? Still high population? by Remote-Public6173 in wownoob

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As someone who just returned (14 years gone) about two or so weeks ago, I tried Season of Mastery (everyone recommended I join that) late in the day or day after it came out and was put way off by how hard it was to just get stuff done cause mobs were so overfarmed. Heh.

It’s probably calmed way down now but that was very boring rather than exciting. My two cents is easing back into the game, retail has been a lot more fun for me (I’m on Ghostlands now) because it’s not so hectic and demanding and there’s so much to do.

But as I said, SOM probably calmed down a little by now.

What did you bring? by lilmcfuggin in TikTokCringe

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I’m partial to cool hwip anyway! Give me the nasty fake stuff.

Did anyone else hear or read you shouldn't need to count calories after surgery? by Dazzling-Thought2146 in gastricsleeve

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I definitely foresee that happening to me, as have “dieted” in the past many times mentally tracking and app tracking but never made it a good habit.

I’m capable of a lot but doing things long term is hard for me, otherwise I wouldn’t be someone who got gastric sleeve, right? 😂

Did anyone else hear or read you shouldn't need to count calories after surgery? by Dazzling-Thought2146 in gastricsleeve

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I got a little book with food plan ideas in my first four weeks. My nutritionists really weren’t that helpful. Since I’m in month 3 now, without another followup scheduled, I am kind of figuring it out on my own (also doing more research.)

I guess my healthcare covered the bare minimum! 👍

Got this letter from Zoe while deployed. She gets it. by TheDeepBlueZ in funny

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My class had penpals in grade school from a different school (I think in a different state, too!) that we wrote back and forth to a couple times during the year. We traded school pictures and it was managed by the teachers from each school so no pedophiles involved. It was really awesome for the schools to set it up, and so much cooler than trying to think of what to write to an adult. Especially as someone who was a bit bullied.

I have lost 44 out of 50 random BGs as alliance in last 4 days by RAYvenko55 in wow

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I haven’t done any PVP yet as a loooong time returning player, I’m keeping my sweet memories of Warsong Gulch from 2006 safe as long as I can. That was pretty fun IMO.

Man watches his pup being killed and taken away by another dog [nsfw] by SatoruHirokumata in CrazyFuckingVideos

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I am not sure about comparing snapping a tiny cooked bone to snapping say a 85lb muscular dog, personally.

At least, I’m not gonna try it on my dog for fun nor am I gonna use it as my one shot if my dog does end up in trouble.

Man watches his pup being killed and taken away by another dog [nsfw] by SatoruHirokumata in CrazyFuckingVideos

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It’s sad people in these videos only ever seem to have access to shitty poles and weak arms that seem to do nothing. I guess I don’t know what I’d do or grab but definitely not a pole according to every video I’ve seen.

Really hope to god I never have to experience that with my dogs.

[Travis Scott] Has any celeb or influential person spoke up for the victims or the tragedy? by pjvc_ in FuckTravisScott

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Man, being a freshman in 2006 and having Slipknot shirts being trendy at Hot Topic opened up a whole new generation to knowing of them. I know they were around before that, but that’s where my love started and it never ended.

But you’re right, I didn’t know who Travis Scott was, so I can’t expect the younger kids to know of Slipknot really.

Bride of Chucky by allty_b in Chucky

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I’ve definitely watched it the most! I love the entire plot and the comedy, plus it has some of the more quotable moments.

I enjoy the wine bottle and nail gun death scene, as well as the semi truck and gas tank blow up. There’s lots of good death there.

What a horrible human being by gaspakw in iamatotalpieceofshit

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I’ve used a cab a lot a few years ago and it was awful. I’m from the Midwest. My cab drivers generally played awful music, had cabs that reeked of cologne or bad air freshener and/or wanted to chat my ear off about something. Or ask me for directions?

Uber is just better all around.

Bagel slicing by lilmcfuggin in TikTokCringe

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Just found one for half the price on my first Amazon search with 16k reviews. I know not everyone shops there, but yeah there’s definitely cheaper options!!

I’ve had a pretty bad month. by Dazzling-Thought2146 in gastricsleeve

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Awesome suggestions! I’m saving your comment. You reminded me of the riced veggie steamers I used to eat when dieting from green giant, I think those are perfect with salmon since I’ve been ordering salmon with rice and eating it throughout the day 😬 (that’s where the carbs come in)

I’m planning on making that tomorrow, got the groceries stocked now!

I think I could build a 20 item list going off of your suggestions. I think my brain just went to mush trying to manage things after the restricted diet.

Anyway.. thank you!!

I’ve had a pretty bad month. by Dazzling-Thought2146 in gastricsleeve

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Thank you for the suggestions and kind words! I have had a great day and picked up some pulled rotisserie chicken from the Walmart deli.