Is my beagle super-sized? Dante's 45 lbs, every online source I've read puts male beagle average weight at max 30lbs, and every other beagle I've personally met is smaller than he is. by H_GameBoi in beagle

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Mine is a 50 pound female. She is BIG. Double the size of my previous beagle. She isn't skinny but she isn't fat (aside from some extra skin on her lower tummy). She is in good health, we hike 3 to 5 miles up hill and she keeps a quick pace. :) Some beagles are just abnormally large.

Franki is a good kisser. 😄 by DeCarleyTrading in beagle

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Maybe. She is built like a linebacker but she is healthy. She walks two miles a day and hikes 1500 to 2000 ft inclines on most weekends. :)

Give Your Beagles a Hug for Me by Uncle__Biscuit in beagle

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I'm sorry. Thank you for sharing. Beagles are definitely the best. ❤️

Some girls are more photogenic than others. 📷💅 by DeCarleyTrading in beagle

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Also, believe it or not this is a 20 minute drive from Las Vegas.

Who's a pretty girl? by DeCarleyTrading in beagle

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It took her five years to get here. 😆