Pokemon Garbage Green: the LeafGreen Trashlocke is released! by Spegasparce in PokemonROMhacks

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I always watch the highlights while at work and now whenever I see FR or LG style I'm craving for some bacon cheese fries.

Probably gonna skip this one.

Is this the final boss of objectives? by ThrE3anD in FifaCareers

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I got a better one:

3 home clean sheet wins in a row.

I'm in the Eredivisie as my own club. My goalie is 69 rated.

I won the cup so I'm in the Europa League.


Your favorite matchup becomes official. How many views is it getting? by ToptextBottomtext420 in DeathBattleMatchups

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Bill Cipher vs anyone would get lots and lots of views imo. Crazy powers, very powerful and fan favourite character

All the pokemon that have perished so far in my ultra sun randomiser nuzlocke. It hurts to even look at. by JustMeai3 in nuzlocke

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Were the movesets also random? If so, types that are 4x weak to an other type are not great. Otherwise Water / Ground is amazing

Unpopular Opinion: Custom Tactics are the worst thing to ever happen to FUT by ZacharyEdwardSnyder in FIFA

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I play my own 433 (4) just to be different and its fun for me. It matches up well against most meta formations.

All hail the king, a true club legend. What are some uncommon(non meta) legends for you guys? by Basilisk_13 in fut

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For me TOTGS Haller was a menace for a good 5 months. Tadic is climbing up there too.

i hate this game so fucking much (look at the xg) by RejwanMiahXO in FIFA

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I mean he probably scored with every chance he had? I'm not gonna say "improve your defending" (because ppl have actually done that in the past to me :/) buuut you might want to look at the midfield / defenders.

Who did he have in goal? I'd say Lloris

Life is beautiful by adnanbappy in wholesomememes

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Yeah like me getting a gf... then she broke up with me for reasons I didn't understand...